Diogara Station

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The Year is 2395 and the Federation has known years of peace. It has returned to its tradition mission: Exploration. Peace has been made with the Dominion and the Romulan’s, although trust is still being built on both sides.

Despite the peace, however fragile, the Federation President has ordered increased exploration initiatives and technological research to increase. Starfleet have responded by building and preparing another Task Force for Delta Quadrant Exploration, in addition to Task Force 38, who is already there.

Starfleet built the second Immense Class Station in the Diogara Sector, to satisfy the Diogaran’s, that as they scaled down their military assets that defended them during their transition to Federation membership, they would continued to be as defended if not better than they once were. .

Then they came. Whilst the Borg remained defeated and significantly less than they were prior to Voyager’s historic return home, they brushed the defenses aside of the Federation Transwarp Gateway. They sent a Active Particle Variance Pulse into the gateway, which triggered the Plasma Dissipation Inverter, destroying the Transwarp Gateway in the Delta Quadrant.

After the ensuing battle, in which the attacking Borg were destroyed or retreated, they tried to contact Starfleet but found they were unable. When the Gateway was destroyed, it triggered a feedback pulse which dismantled the entire network.

Cut off from the Alpha Quadrant, Commodore Peter Gardner takes command of what is left.


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Commander Peter Gardner
Commanding Officer and Commanding Officer

Commodore Peter Gardner presently serves as the Commanding Officer of Diogara Station and by default, the Commander of the Starfleet Forces left in the Delta Quadrant. He is formerlly the Commanding Officer of the USS Excelsior and a Starfleet Intelligence Specialist Field Operative

Played by Bobby