USS Covenant

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Stocked with the latest scientific equipment and a group of Science specialists working on the ship, the crew of the USS Covenant works tirelessly to provide the Federation with the most scientific data from the Gamma Quadrant that they can gather. Working together, the crew must piece together puzzles, defend their research, make new friends, as well as enemies. As a newly put together crew, they are going to have to learn how to get along with one another. Leaving their family and friends to explore a whole other part of the galaxy is going to be taxing on the crew. They are going to have to learn to make their crew their friends, or yet, their family. We are Starfleet, our mission is to explore and discover. She will be the covenant of discovery.


Commander Venik
Commanding Officer

Venik, like all Vulcans, purged his emotions at a very young age. He is very to the book, when it comes to Rules and Regulations. He seldomly breaks the rules, but there have been times... He has the Vulcan equivalent to an Sci. D. from the Vulcan Science Academy as well as a Degree in Biology and Starship Science Operations from Starfleet Academy.

Played by Jfiddle

Lieutenant Junior Grade Miki Walker
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Played by Skoll

Open Positions

  1. Chief Flight Control Officer
  2. Chief Operations Officer
  3. Chief Counselor
  4. Chief Strategic Operations Officer
  5. Marine Detachment Commander
  6. Chief Diplomatic Officer


Episode 1: ...And So it Begins
started February 9, 2019 and ended March 31, 2019

The U.S.S. Covenant is departing for the Gamma Quadrant. They are loaded with supplies for a federation colony located a few days away from the Bajoran Worm Hole at warp. Along the way, the crew has time to work out any kinks in the systems and the crew's personnel. On their way, they pick up a distress call from a freighter. Upon arriving, they are hailed by a female of a species that they have never met before. The Captain sends over an away team to help her get her engines back online.