USS Trenton

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The idea of a Red Cell or Red Team has existed throughout Human history. Historically, they were small groups designed to assess the capabilities and limitations of allied forces. Some used brute strength, infiltrating secure facilities and locations in order to show vulnerabilities. Others served as thought experiments; in order to fully understand their enemies, analysts and novelists were assigned to envision attacks on the United States from the other side, using whatever means were at their disposal. Effective, though embarrassing for many, the concept was shelved as Humanity ventured towards the stars. Or so the public thought.

However, in the Post-war Federation, Starfleet Intelligence recognized the need to prevent further infiltrations. From parasites to shapeshifters, the Federation had been infiltrated at the highest levels on multiple occasions. So, in secret, they began reforming Red Cells. Their sole mandate, to make the Federation safer by exposing vulnerabilities in the current system. Given virtual autonomy and heavily resourced and funded, these teams led to the tightening of security protocols, stringent enforcement of policy, and a safer Federation. And the soiled underpants of a few unsuspecting Admirals, of course.

One of these teams, aboard the USS Trenton, is special. Headed by a veteran crew, they’re known to be “in the right place at the right time”, seemingly appearing right when someone needs them. They are enigmas, able to infiltrate the most secure installations with ease, despite the best efforts of Starfleet Security. Their actions have become the stories of legends, though no one seems to know the names or identities of the operatives…


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Commander David Mills
Commanding Officer

Played by selocon

Ensign Susan Subu

A quiet, reserved individual, competent, innovative, confident in her own capabilities and who enjoys the company of others, even if she is quiet in their presence.

Played by Wlandalice