USS Medea

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The USS Medea is a scientific exploration vessel, setup for finding the strange and unusual in the Delta Quadrant. The crew, hand-picked for their expertise in their given fields, have the same curiosity as their commanding officer. Though Task Force 38 is assigned to the Delta Quadrant already, the Medea is set to go into the areas that are unexplored, find the planets that have yet to be scanned, research the things that make the Delta Quadrant tick. Diplomacy is, of course, part of the equation when necessary.

January 2019 TF38 SotM


Commander Tine Applegate
Commanding Officer

Played by KrisK1226

Lieutenant Commander Ian Ryan
Executive Officer

Played by Confusedfire

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Lieutenant Zayn Satu
Chief Medical Officer

Raised by her aunt and uncle on Earth, Satu always knew she wanted to be a doctor like her Aunt, but was unsure of going into Starfleet. After two years in a civilian med school, Satu knew she had to switch to Starfleet Medical if she wanted a good, unbiased education. After graduation, Satu was assigned to the USS Juliard, where she found herself away from her family for the first time. Three years later, she was transferred to the USS Horatio. Unfortunately, in late 2388, the Horatio encountered unfriendly forces and in the ensuing battle, Satu was severely injured, losing her left leg. Six months later, with a biosynthetic leg, she was surprised to be sent back to active duty aboard the USS Medea as Chief Medical Officer

Played by Rach H

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Naddia Yole
Chief Operations Officer

Naddia is currently Chief of Operations aboard the USS Medea, an intrepid class part of Starfleet's operations in the delta quadrant.

Played by JSlattery

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Lieutenant Amelix Milumad
Chief Science Officer

Amelix is a dedicated scientist. She is constantly curious about the universe and finding clues to the missing clan. She also is quite excitable and talks at a mile per minute.However, because she has so many diverse interests, she has a tendency to overlook finer details or leave projects undone. It also causes her to document her successes, sometimes making her incapable of repeating her results.
Tygarians are generally affable. They try to assist others, hoping that their assistance may eventually lead them to clues to finding their lost clan. Since they believe they can only be bound by the Reetmah, they are willing to make alliances with anyone but are not willing to “subjugate themselves” by joining an entity such as The Federation.

Played by Amanda Rose

Lieutenant Junior Grade Baktosh Redclaw
Chief Tactical & Security Officer

Baktosh Redclaw was born on Kzin and was trained as a warrior of the Kzinti Patriarchy. As a youth, he came across a hidden enclave of women Kzinti who challenged the notion that Kzinti women were mindless animals. He maintained contact with the enclave, falling in love with one of its members and starting a family. Baktosh and his family were forced to flee Kzin when he disobeyed orders to destroy the enclave. They fled to Earth, and Baktosh enrolled in Starfleet Academy, applying his martial skills to help the society that helped him.

Played by Taral-DLOS