USS Pioneer

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Without the great pioneers of the universe who went out to seek new places, new things, and great knowledge, where would we be now? Would space travel, faster-than-light propulsion, transporters, or holodecks exist? The USS Pioneer is the second Pathfinder Class vessel commissioned by Starfleet and follows in the traditions of the great pioneers.

The Pioneer is assigned to the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 72 operating at the edge of the Alpha Quadrant and frontier space. Tasked with exploration, scientific research, and hazardous material response within the area of operations the new vessel will fully explore the potential of its designed mission platforms.

In order to complete the wide variety of missions tasked to the Pioneer, its diverse crew is experienced in many fields such as Environmental Sciences, Hazardous Materials, Engineering, and more. All members of the crew go through specialized training to be Hazardous Material Technicians as well as familiarization of various emergency response techniques.


Commander Ian Reeves
Commanding Officer

Commander Ian Reeves, D.Env. is currently assigned as Commanding Officer of the USS Pioneer. CDR Reeves began his career as a civilian specializing in Geological and Meteorological studies in relation to terraforming within the United Federation of Planets government. After a few years of service in the field, he attended Officer Candidate School and was given a commission in Starfleet as a Science Officer. CDR Reeves served on multiple deep space exploration missions and eventually found himself a cleared Bridge Command Officer and then after attending Command College returned to space as an Executive Officer and now the CO of the second Pathfinder class vessel, USS Pioneer.

Played by Stephen

Lieutenant Glori Hawthorn
Chief Medical Officer

Glori is a Corvan from Corvus Prime. Her world's harried history has been the subject of scholarly debate and fuel for nightmares for nearly two centuries. The Hawthorn family rose early on from the ash heap of Theta-Corvus III (first called New Romania, Dhampir, then finally Corvus Prime) and its colonial cataclysms into one of the most prominent Corvan families. All personal agency notwithstanding, Glori is a product of her upbringing.
Like most modern Corvans, Glori is pale of flesh and blackened everywhere else. Her ebony hair and onyx eyes and nails make her stand out in any crowd. The synthetic blood (NOS-4-A2, patent held by Ingram Nanoscale Solutions) that flows through her veins and those of all civilized Corvans staves off the Corvan Hemophagia of her homeworld.

Played by wizardbeard

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Lieutenant Ceciri Ariadust
Chief Engineering Officer

Ceciri Ariadust is the current Chief Engineering Officer on the USS Pioneer. She has been serving in Starfleet for 7 years after being a member of a merchant crew for 4.

Played by KNakamura

Ensign Kendra Kyle
Chief Flight Control Officer

Born to parents both serving in Starfleet her father a security officer who later elevated to command and her mother a science officer who elevated to command and then on to intelligence. As a Starfleet brat, she learned to love Starfleet and being underway on ships. She strived who whole education to get into the Starfleet Academy and when she arrived settled on becoming a fighter pilot. Upon graduating and gaining her commission she went off to Flight School but due to some issues, she washed out. ENS Kyle was temporarily assigned to a starbase where she flew auxiliary craft and became a qualified flight control officer on one of their attached ships. She then was sent to the USS Pioneer as Chief Flight Control Officer.

Played by Stephen

Open Positions

  1. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  2. Chief Operations Officer


Scylla and Charybdis
started February 26, 2019

The primordial stellar mass called Charybdis-A, at the center of the Scylla Nebula, has been pretty quiet and uneventful ever since it was charted over a century ago. A Starfleet science vessel has studied a recent spike in the stellar mass’ EM-radio emittance which has yielded an intricate pattern not unlike a language. The monitoring science vessel has ceased contact. Locate the missing vessel and ascertain what’s going on inside the Scylla Nebula.

started January 16, 2019 and ended March 25, 2019

The USS Pioneer is assigned to Task Force 72 of the Fourth Fleet and heads to Starbase 72 before beginning operations within the TF72 area of operations. The USS Pioneer is the second Pathfinder Class ship and its first crew is still reporting aboard at their new homeport.