USS Standing Bear

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The USS Standing Bear, newly launched from Utopia Planitia Fleetyards, arrives at Athegan Station with the station’s new commanding officer on board to begin the formal handover to the Federation. The ceremony is ritualistic and tensions are running high between all parties. The ceremony has six parts, one devised by each of the member worlds, and newly arrived station personnel are not permitted to take up their duties until the formalities are concluded. As guests begin to arrive for the first of the ceremonies, a terrorist group known as the ‘Dyavek Hon’, dedicated to keeping both the Federation and Pact members out of the rift, plans their own contribution to the ceremonies.


Captain Serenity Nash
Commanding Officer

Captain Nash has been given command of the USS Standing Bear, an Insignia Class vessel, assigned to support Athegan Station. The station, built as part of a joint effort by six worlds that have been enemies for centuries, is a first move toward lasting peace in the Athegan Rift. The Standing Bear's job will be to patrol the rift and ensure that the fragile peace, started on the station, flourishes.

Played by Star_Geek

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Lieutenant Commander Sarok
Executive Officer

The former Vulcan science officer was made Executive Officer of the USS Standing Bear.

Played by Mick

Lieutenant Junior Grade Cody Barnett
Chief Science Officer

Cody Michael Barnett is a scientist who enjoys jigsaw puzzles. He is brilliant man with a kind heart. He struggles showing his sensitivity. He tends to show more of a dull type personality, as a defense mechanism. He tends to be be a workaholic. He does have a bad habit of trying to avoid away missions, he prefers to work in his science lab. He feels his contributions to Starfleet can best be served working in his lab.

Cody has been to be a little sneaky at times, and avoids confrontation when possible. His former department head worked with him about going out on missions, and seeing what is out their in space. Cody is working to overcome his insecurities and applied for a department level position. He was promoted to Chief Science Officer of the USS Standing Bear.

Played by JL Galloway

Lieutenant Allen Jones
Chief Intelligence Officer

Chief Intelligence Officer

Played by aparry

Lieutenant Gralek Shoma
Chief of Security

A soldier's soldier when on the field of battle. He has a cold and calculating mind set with a main goal in battle is to complete the mission objective at all costs. Even when this means that his own team may be put in harm's way. He has absolutely no problems with using interrogation techniques on prisoners for information if it means helping Starfleet and his Captain. Gralek has been known to say, “What works, works.” However it should be said that he does take a certain level of enjoyment or pleasure when he has to get his hands dirty.

As a realist he has a very blunt way with dealing with people outside of battle and has a slight insidious streak when it comes to messing with others.

Played by spiderkiller94

Open Positions

  1. Chief Medical Officer
  2. Chief Engineering Officer
  3. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  4. Chief Counselor
  5. Chief Diplomatic Officer


Welcome and Not
started December 15, 2389

The USS Standing Bear has successfully completed transfer from Utopia Planitia to Carwennan Station. While the Standing Bear's crew reports in and takes up their duties, the crew for the newly built Athegan Station will be coming on board as well. And on the station itself, preparations are underway for an elaborate ceremony that welcomes the Federation into the Athegan Rift and starts a new era of cooperation among its citizens. While others plan a different sort of welcome.