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The USS Wolf, is a Nova played simulation in the universe of Star Trek. The timeline currently is 2389 and we follow the storyline of Bravo FleetTask Force 93. The ship got its name as a reflection to the notable battle of Wolf 359, where many ships were lost against the invading Borg Cube.

We are part of the Raeya Arc, a story that tells about the Reaya Sector Block revolt against the presence of Starfleet in their region. The Wolf is but of the puzzle piece that is part of the large storyline.

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Lieutenant Commander Sarah Duncan
Chief Medical Officer

"Duncan is able to perform her duty's on any ship, starbase or colony. I do need to point out the fact that the mental status of her active service in the Dominion wars as a Marine Medical Officer has had its effects on her. I advise all Commanding officers that have this medical file under his or her few to be careful with your words.

Saying anything related to the Dominion wars may already trigger her a wave of anger and brute force. She is a shy person and holds on her marine training 'Speak when spoken to' rule applies in this a big-time" ~Dr. Ranzia 2381

Played by BlackWolf

Lieutenant Nayeli Behar
Chief Science Officer

Nayeli has been through a lot of hell in her time in Starfleet. Between her former husband betraying her and an entire team on an away mission and causing her to lose an unborn child, to having to be under a different identity for years, to another miscarriage causing a falling apart with another man she loved, and still does love to some degree, she is trying to put the past behind her and do what she loves doing.

Played by KrisK1226

Lieutenant Junior Grade Devin
Chief Diplomatic Oficer

Devin is a very playful and curious person. She enjoys a variety of music due to in part of her knowledge of languages and costumes of numerous species. She enjoys a wide variety of sports and games as well. Her playful streak comes out most when she is not working ass well as now and again in her reports written in several languages with attached dictionary for easy translation if the information isn't readily available from the universal translator. (She will always add a full translation of the report at the end of such things and CO's familiar with her tactics just scroll down to the last five paragraphs).

Played by mandolady

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Gen Kailey
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Gen was always the outspoken one, often getting into fights with her peers. When she was 15, a large container was accidentally knocked over on top of her during one of these fights and left Gen fighting for her life. The ship's doctor's willingness to endanger himself for his patients and his dedication to excellent care inspired Gen to go into the medical field herself. She worked diligently toward her goal of being as good a doctor as the man who'd inspired her, she was assigned to the USS Constantine right after graduation. Her outspoken nature often had her butting heads with the Commanding Officer, who liked to question every decision his crew made. Feeling burnt out, Gen asked for a transfer. This is how she found herself on the USS Wolf as Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

Played by Rach H

Lieutenant Junior Grade Wann
Chief Engineering Officer

Played by mysticfan84

Lieutenant Junior Grade Blake Ellis
Assistant Chief Science Officer

Played by ClaypoleSteve


Prelude: The Wolf
started January 2, 2019

The USS Wolf, a Diligent class vessel, already nine years in service and under command of the veteran Captain Åshild Distad. From being part at various conflicts, the Wolf might have some damage here and there, but it never backed out of any battle. Now already five years in exploration and patrolling duties at the Raeya Sector Block. The Wolf faces a new predator, the large Meridian Cloud. Full of highly discharging plasma and dangerous clouds that form the beautiful colors of it. Yet within th