Assembly Hall of Ashalla

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The Assembly Hall of Ashalla is a Star Trek RPG Simulation designed with a political focus where we follow the machinations of the political and religious leaders of Bajor, one of the Federation’s newest, but most important, member worlds. In this sim, players will get to play a variety of political, religious, civilian and even military figures as we further enhance the story of the Bajoran people, one of the most fleshed out and developed races in Trek canon. Designed to potentially link canon and stories with TF93 and Palais De La Concorde, the sim will also join forces with those in TF72 to help further plots relating to all of 72’s canon storylines, starting off with the USS Nogura and the story surrounding the war crimes of Breloc Tejar. This story links with the Freedom’s Legion canon and will help establish canon for both Nogura and the Chamber of Ministers moving forward.

Whilst the sim is set on Bajor in 2389, a lot will have changed in the time since DS9 and even the planets entry into the Federation in 2382. As such, we will not be limiting players to only Bajoran characters. As a member world of the Federation, Bajor is all inclusive and as such, it stands to reason that there would be other species living on the planet and, perhaps, even in political office. It will be up to the player to create a character convincing enough for it to be accepted as a member of the sim by the Executive Committee.

Ashalla isn’t a difficult concept to grasp. We simply cover two styles of role playing here, where as most only cover one. The standard style, as we have come to know it, is what people simulate every day on-board hundreds of star ships in the Star Trek Simulation Community. Here, we develop our characters and play out their lives on a da to day basis.

What we have added here is also to allow people to manipulate and effect the Bajoran people, their history and the planet as a whole, even going so far as to impact fleetwide canon where applicable, all of which can truly dictate the outcome of a story, the simulation or the fleet as a whole.

Our check and balance system ensures that each part of government has a role in effecting our simulation’s direction. Current members serving in an outgoing administration have the option to serve for the President in their current position, or resign until an elected official they wish to serve has been sworn into office. (Option not available for federation secret service.)

Simply put…we are here to have fun! Reading too much into anything will make for a less enjoyable experience, and therefore, a less enjoyable simulation. Once this has happened, any and all corrective action will be taken at the GM’s direction. If you have any questions, please ask an active member and they will be more than happy to assist you.

Its highly encouraged that you read our New Players Guide in the Bajoran Archive prior to submitting an application for the Great Assembly Hall of Ashalla.


Eniara Pol
First Minister

Considered to be an up and coming, progressive politician at the time of being elected to office on New Bajor, Eniara Pol oversaw the survival of the Gamma Quadrant colony during the Consortium conflict and successfully fought a new election to retain her seat as Governor in 2388. Since then, Eniara (who does not follow traditional Bajoran naming conventions) has helped re-establish the colony alongside those in Task Force 9 of the 4th Fleet. Most recently, however, Eniara was recalled to Bajor at the behest of the Kai and was urged to stand for office in the snap election called by First Minister Asarem Wadeen following the controversy surrounding the Breloc Tejar war crimes trial. Never one to reject the calling of the Prophets, or her Kai, Eniara reluctantly agreed to stand for office.

Played by Kai1701E

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Toran Ilos
Federalist Party Minister for Foreign Affairs

Toran Ilos began a career in politics nine years ago, following a brief stint in the Bajoran Militia and almost five years in the Foreign Service. A firm believer in the Federation, his utmost priority is ensuring that no Bajoran is negatively affected by Bajor’s Federation membership.

Played by Taral-DLOS

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Krell Antos

Krell is a Vedek in the Bajoran Faith, and serves in the Vedek Assembly but also as an aide to the First Minister.

Played by Nate

Open Positions

  1. OOC Deputy Game Master/XO
  2. Federalist Party Minister
  3. Socialist Constructionist Party Minister
  4. Populist People's Party Minister
  5. Reformist Party Minister
  6. Independence Party Minister
  7. First Minister's Chief of Staff
  8. Communications/Press Secretary
  9. Ministerial Aide (Any Party Allegiance)
  10. Bajoran Representative to the Federation Council (Council Member)