USS Atlantis

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The USS Atlantis (NCC-81424) is a science vessel at its core. While the Alrakis Pact continues to return the Alpha Quadrant to a state of chaos, the Atlantis’s goal is to continue the original mission of the Federation: scientific discovery and cultural exchange. As more and more Starfleet resources in the Alpha Quadrant are shifted into military roles to counter the Pact, as well as the growing threat posted by the so-called Freedom’s Legion, the Atlantis helps fulfill the scientific goals of the Federation and Starfleet.


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Commander Yulin Rael
Commanding Officer

Yulin Rael was an engineer with the Trill civilian star fleet until the Dominion War forced him to transfer to Starfleet. Born Yulin Joral, he was the second host to the Rael symbiont. He stayed in Starfleet when the war ended and became Chief Engineer of the USS Saturn in 2381. In mid-2389, he was offered command of the science vessel USS Atlantis.

Played by Taral-DLOS

Lieutenant Commander Alashanee Greystone
Executive Officer

Played by corigreystone

Lieutenant Keri Kelea
Counselor / Archaeologist and Anthropologist

Keri has just been assigned to the USS Atlantis as Chief Counsellor. She can also double up as the ship's Archaeologist and Anthropologist.

Played by jtaylor-grove

Lieutenant Junior Grade Treyla Solwick
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Treyla is the single child. She has always felt the need to prove herself, be the parent. Deep down all she wanted to be was a kid, trying to learn her place. She felt like she was always second best to her parents with their charades and shenanigans. Treyla is very shy for a betazoid. She tends to keep her feelings herself, and she is not as outspoken as other members of her race.

Played by JL Galloway

Lieutenant Junior Grade Izaro Chameer
Chief Operations Officer

Izaro currently is serving as Chief Operations Officer on USS Atlantis. Before coming there he served on the USS North Star and USS DeFit

Played by Sammi

Open Positions

  1. Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
  2. Science Officer
  3. Various Specializations in Science Department