USS Sampson

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Peace Keeping forces along the Romulan borders had not been going well and they had been assigned to keep peace along the new Raeyan transit corridor – which attracted lots of “attention” if you will. The Task Force needed a heavy to help keep the peace and the Sampson was commissioned.

A few years into the Sampson’s service, there was a Gorn attack that claimed the life of the Captain, and her young Executive Officer was placed into the Commanding Officer role.

Now, it is time for the Sampson to return to service and protect the denizens of this dangerous space. Are you up for missions in an active and dangerous space?


Lieutenant Commander Ryan Murphy
Commanding Officer

Ryan had always been the type to make the decisions, he thrived off of pressure and being put into the "chair" as one may call it is one place he had been aiming to end up. He liked being the go-to person when the excrement hit the fan. He initially started off in a career in law enforcement, following his Father's foot steps. He than joined the Fleet after a successful career in law enforcement, having been on the job for several years when he joined the Fleet. Ryan was noted for his go-getter nature and that he would apply himself to anything he felt important. He came up through the ranks as a Security Officer, before promotion to Chief of Sec/Tac and later Executive Officer.

Played by MichaelTritter

Open Positions

  1. Second Officer
  2. Chief Flight Control Officer
  3. Chief Operations Officer
  4. Chief Communications Officer
  5. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  6. Chief Engineering Officer
  7. Chief Medical Officer
  8. Chief Counselor
  9. Chief Strategic Operations Officer
  10. Chief Intelligence Officer