USS Yorktown

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Captain Elizabeth Ashcroft
Commanding Officer

Captain Elizabeth Ashcroft is a Federation Starfleet officer and the commanding officer of the Federation starship Yorktown. A hard-nosed, confident and determined officer, Elizabeth obtained command of the Yorktown following several years as the ships first officer. Previously, she had served many years in the Judge Advocate General's office, then a year-long assignment as adjutant to Admiral Reytan Grax during his tenure as commander of the Fourth Fleet.

Played by teylasramar

Lieutenant Commander Vit Aran
Executive Officer

Aran is by all accounts, an average looking Bajoran, though some would say he is more devout than anyone not in the clergy. This is by and large due to his being raised in a Monastery, after both of his parents were killed while he was at a young age .

Aran is empathetic, sincere, and kind-hearted. He learned much of this behavior and way of engaging with others from the clergy, and carried it with him through his life.

Played by QuodEroSpero

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Lieutenant Li Ling Meifeng
Chief Helmswoman

LSN officer, fighter ace and experienced starship pilot. Earned commendations in the Eighth Breen War. A daughter of a lesser branch of the most prominent family in the Republic, and her parents very much wish she would marry.

Played by Enigma