Vidal Fleet Yards

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In 2383 Captain Jodrel Vidal of the USS Eyak discovered a new star system in the Alpha Quadrant near the Neural System. He named it the Ivaldi System and proceeded to chart the system. Following the discovery of mineral rich resources Starfleet decided to construct mining facilities, set up a settlement on Ivaldi III, and construct an Immense Class starbase. Along with that starbase came drydock facilities and, all of that was completed by 2389.

The Vidal Fleet Yards, named for Captain Vidal who discovered the system, serves as a shipyard for the region of space where the system was initially discovered. It also serves as protection for Federation interests in the area. Starships are constructed, repaired, and refitted by the Starfleet Corps of Engineering Detachment aboard. The station is also under the command of Captain Wesley Ian Holtz who has a background in engineering from before his time as a command officer.

Vidal Fleet Yards is a 13+ rated simm in Bravo Fleet’s Task Force 72 and is located in the Alpha Quadrant near the Tzenkethi border and the entrance to the Inconnu expanse. This simm is first and foremost an engineering simm, but we also focus heavily on the story of the Ivaldi system and our characters. All who are interested in joining should review our rules and, the rules of Bravo Fleet prior to submitting an application.


Captain Wesley Holtz
Commanding Officer

Played by Confusedfire

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Lieutenant Mirok
Asst. Chief Security Officer

Played by selocon