Canopus Station

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To aid in the exploration of Messier 4, Starfleet has seen fit to package up and send a Stardock class facility to Messier 4. A city floating in space, it will act as the fort above the colony of Carpathia, facilitating the exploration and support of Starfleet in this new area of extra-galactic space. But it will not be smooth sailing, for whilst the evil Myriad who have plagued the mission of the USS Traveller is a threat to be reckoned with, they are but the tip of the vast sea of stars that is Messier 4.

Because whilst out amid the unknown there are terrors, there are also wonderful and magical things the likes of which we can barely comprehend. The remains of a dead and ancient civilisation, the echoes of beating drums that sing through subspace, and the million strange new worlds of Messier 4 beckon to the brave and the foolish.


Commander Benjamin Ingram
Station Administrator

Classic Academic would be the logical moniker: tall, hawkish, but overall bland in appearance, and a little round about the midsection. He looks like a kindly librarian, someone bookish and unassuming.

This, my friends, is a trap.

He has risen through the ranks of Starfleet like a mountaineer, wielding a climbing axe with precision for the backs of others. What credit he can take for himself he will, and blame slides off of his snake oil salesman charm. In another time, and in another place, Benjie would be a fear head waiter at a French restaurant.

But in 2389, he is the Commander of Canopus Station.

Played by jakesjet

Lieutenant Commander Dania Storm
Intelligence Section Chief

She's the type of person you would describe a typical norwegian as. Quiet, gentle and friendly. To the select few friends and family members that is. Whilst outwardly she may not give off such an impression she thirsts for knowledge, investigation and exploration. It was her sharp wit and analytical mind along with a practically bookwormish knowledge that pegged her as a potential interest by Starfleet Intelligence. Over the years she's become an accomplished actress and as such her true feelings towards any matter can be masked with great skill and deflected away from in a different, desired direction. While she prefers the company of books and information, she's learned to adapt to the social needs of her profession and can appear as friendly and as boisterous as needed.

Played by Kos

Civilian Bahat Riya
Carpathian Colonial Administrator

Played by Casniy

Open Positions

  1. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  2. Chief Counselor
  3. Chief Diplomatic Officer


Season 1, Episode 1: Welcome Home, Now Go Away
started November 17, 2018

Canopus Station and her departure flotilla have left Starbase 72 via the partial completed Phase Space Accelerator...kind of. What was meant to be a flotilla of support craft, ready to assemble the Stardock class facility in orbit of the gas giant Tangerine Dream, is actually missing a few things. A lot of things. A lot of very important things.