Law Enforcement Team 72

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While the Alrakis Pact settles into its new boundaries and rumors of unrest flutter between Federation Member Worlds, life in the Alpha Quadrant continues to deliver excitement. For some, this excitement means abuse of one’s abilities or power, or even testing the limits of the law.

Enter Law Enforcement Team 72. Law Enforcement Team 72 (LET72) is responsible for conducting Law Enforcement and Border Patrol operations within Task Force 72’s Area of Operations within the Fourth Fleet. Based out of Starbase 310, the LET will conduct operations throughout the quadrant ranging from responding to distress calls, border patrol, investigations, and enforcing the law.

The LET is a heavy character development driven sim based on small team dynamics and operations and commanded by Lieutenant Heather Kowal.

Despite our content rating of 16+ we require all members to be eighteen years of age or older.


Lieutenant Heather Kowal
Commanding Officer

LT Heather Kowal is a Starfleet Academy Graduate with degrees in Intergalactic Relations and Earth History. She currently serves as the Commanding Officer of Law Enforcement Team 72 assigned to the Fourth Fleet.

Played by Stephen

Open Positions

  1. Command Senior Chief (AGM)
  2. Operations Section Chief
  3. Engineering Section Chief
  4. Master-at-Arms
  5. Flight Control
  6. Many others! Check our website.