Pendragon Station

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The Pendragon Station build in the Round Table, is still in construction. The Primary deck have been completed and are ready to accept the best and most courageous member of the federation within their wall to help and secure a new frontier.


Brigadier General Reius Rothschild
Commanding Officer

At 6'1'', fit and with a muscular body that been through hell and above after years of combat and training, Reius look like a forty years old man while in fact he is not so far of the six century. As an El Aurian, as well as a Borg survivor, he is ready to do all he can do make sure to keep the vow he made years ago. Retrograding himself to the rank of commander after serving for nearly thirty year as a Marine's General only to be able to go back to service, it would not be the first time nor surely the last he would do something like this to go where the action is.

Played by Reius