IKS bey veS

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It is the year 2288 and the Klingon Empire is in turmoil. A new Chancellor, B’rak, leads the strife ridden High Council and he expects the High Council to be subservient to him. Dissenters on the High Council are arrested on the charge of treason or forced into exile. Chancellor B’rak rules the Empire with an iron fist. Imperial Intelligence, under his leadership, spends more time looking for political dissidents than foreign operatives. Friends and neighbors watch their words as they may end up in the files of the Imperial Intelligence. As the power of Imperial Intelligence grows, all Klingons dwell in its shadow.

The Federation continues to spread onto the frontiers of the Empire like a relentless plague. Their colonies are established almost consistently. And every where the Federation colonizes, be it a verdant garden world or airless rock or gas giant, the Federation plants its flag. Star Fleet is not far behind with a number of ships to defend their new territory. Do not be discouraged, while Star Fleet may have more ships with advanced weapons, they do not have the hearts of warriors.

Peace with the Romulans is slowly disintegrating and the Romulans are duplicitous as ever. After the glorious victory of Klach D’kel Brakt the Romulans were forced to sign a humiliating peace treaty. The Star Empire has been quiet but industrious. Ships have been built and crews trained. Skirmishes along the borders of the two empires are more frequent. Isolated colonies are attacked and convoys raided. A new Romulan war is on the horizon.

In this maelstrom the IKS bey veS and her crew are to serve the Klingon people and bring honor to the Empire.


Soghla' B'rael
Commanding Officer

A veteran warrior who has worked her way from humble beq to the commander of a ship. Her lack of noble blood is still an issue to those born into their position.

Played by Pennyflower

Open Positions

  1. Chief Weapons Officer
  2. Chief Navigation Officer
  3. Chief Engineering Officer
  4. Chief Medical Officer
  5. Chief Intelligence Officer
  6. Marine Commander


Forges of Ta'amar
started November 1, 2018

The IKS bey veS is a recently built K'TInga class cruiser. While at Ta'amar shipyards, she will prepare for war. The crew will gather and take their stations. Engines will be calibrated and weapons need to be bore sighted. She will then be ready for duty on the frontiers of the Empire.