SS Indigo Rose

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One mistake.
One clever trap that our sensors didn’t pick up.
One massive explosion.

The Autarch, speaking for the signatories of the Alrakis Pact, and backed by the combined military might of the Breen, the Talarians, the Tzenkethi and the Ravagers, told Federation personnel to leave the Inconnu Expanse and they did. We didn’t get the message and the ship providing over watch for our mission, they thought we were dead.

So here we are. “We” are Marines which means we’re used to working without support. Specifically, we are a Marine Ranger – Special Operations team and we’re trapped.

Alone in hostile space.
No ship.
No support.
Nothing but the clothes on our backs and the weapons and tools we carry.

Somehow, we have to make it back to Federation space.

Indigo Rose is a character-driven Star Trek simulation (Roddenbery not Abrams) that focuses on the lives and adventures of a Marine Ranger Special Operations team stranded in hostile space. The (starting) premise is simple. Get their data back to Federation space. Get home. Interested parties are encouraged and welcome to submit an application (a sample post is required). One of the unique aspects of this sim is that, should the action stall (ever been stuck writing in a transporter room for a real-time month while everyone gathered?), actions will occur to shake things up … right up to capture and imprisonment. Note that this will be an ongoing sim meaning once they’re home, its the start of another adventure. So take a look around, drop by and visit us on Discord, and if you are looking for a different sort of a challenge, send in your bio.


Captain Remy Zahn
Commanding Officer, Tango Team

Remy currently leads Tango Team, a Marine Rangers Special Operations Team. On assignment in the Inconnu Expanse, the team accidentally tripped a well-disguised trap causing an explosion which brought the building down. As the structure was composed of material that made scans nearly impossible, the ship providing overwatch for the team could neither raise the team nor get a clean read on their position. Under heavy fire from Pact forces, the ship was forced to retreat leaving the team stranded in hostile space.

Played by Star_Geek

Lance Corporal Jonis Shakaar
Heavy Weapons Specialist

Heavy Weapons Specialist for tango team

Played by Freelancer2142

Staff Sergeant Tyler Grey

Is Tango team's Sniper/Sharpshooter/Cook

Played by aparry

Civilian Zodra Losal

Zadra is a nomadic fixer of sorts. She barters her skills for passage, seeking to find a home in the stars or on a planet. She is looking for the perfect utopian society. But they don't seem to exist. Zadra is a very friendly person that loves to read and explore during her down time. She treats others, the way she wants to be treated and wants everyone to have the same ethics, integrity and morals she does. Her faith means everything to her. She is very religious and practices her heritages, traditions and customs.

Played by JL Galloway

Lance Corporal Joseph Walker
Explosives Expert

Recently assigned to the SS Indigo Rose as a weapons explosive expert.

Played by Skoll

Open Positions

  1. Pilot
  2. Medic


Will Work For Food
started November 17, 2389

The Indigo Rose is operational .. barely … and while the team is safe for the moment, the list of what they don’t have is much, much longer than what they do have. Supplies must be obtained but with funds being low, the only thing left is to trade services for goods. On a ramshackle space station, frequented by pirates,criminals and malcontents, the team hears about a job that needs doing.