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…wow! I’m amazed at the work and dedication. It’s work like this that makes us proud. The best Trek is character driven, and you guys are all over that!” Be sure and check out their site. SB400 is busy having a great time! -Doug Drexler 7/10/16

It’s the year 2394, Romulus and Remas are no more and the Enterprise-E has been decommissioned. The Cardassians are allied with the Federation/Klingon Alliance, there’s peace with the Dominion, and there’s a ‘cold war’ with the Romulans and the rest of the Typhon Pact. It’s a time of change for the Federation and the rest of the Galaxy. Starbase 400 is a Spacedock type station orbiting Kaleb IV in Beta Quadrant, which sits close to Klingon, Romulan, Gorn, Tholian, and Krazzle territories as well as open space and the unclaimed ‘Triangle’, home to pirates and criminals.

Starbase 400 has become key to the Federation’s future. She’s the Flag Base for a major section of the Beta Quadrant call the ‘Ares Operational Theater’ and is home to a variety of Support ships. Classes include; Galaxy Refit, Defiant, Intrepid, Sovereign, Ronin, Akira, Prometheus, Nova, Nebula, Ambassador, Excelsior, Steamrunner, Diligent, Constitution Refit, Saber, Olympic, Gladiator, Centaur, Interceptor, Miranda Refit, and Luna! The crew is assigned to a wide variety of mission types including Exploration, Science, Federation Defense, Combat, Covert Operations, Intelligence Gathering, Emergency Response, and much more.

Starbase 400 is a slow paced, highly detailed, active sim that has developed a vast back-story, complete with two dozen permanent NPCs, a fleet of ships, and a dangerous intersection of space to defend. To support its in character universe, Starbase 400 maintains an academy, a database, a timeline of sim canon, and logs of each mission to ensure members are informed. Infused with a focus on character development and realistic storytelling, these factors combine, producing an intensely vibrant sim.

On Starbase 400, we focus on character development and realistic storytelling. As a friendly community of adult fans and writers, we strive to work together to produce not only wonderful stories for all to read, but to also grow together and move forward, expanding on our little corner of the final frontier.

Starbase is a multi-award winning sim and community. We’re a two time recipient of the ‘Simming Prize’ (2012 and 2014) as an outstanding sim. We’re also a 2017 recipient of OnGoing Worlds’ ‘Squiddie Award’ for ‘Facilitating the Community Experience’ as an outstanding sim. We were Bravo Fleet’s first Sim of the Year in 1997, and since that time we’ve also been awarded Sim of the Month on eight separate occasions, as well as Sim of the Quarter and Bravo Fleet’s Admiralty Unit Citation in 2017. We’ve also received over forty awards for our website’s content and design over the years. Starbase 400 is also managed by the 2011 Simming Prize winner, Mike Bremer. Starbase 400 is a Nova played sim that’s been active continuously since 1995. For over 20 years we’ve provided quality interactive simming for new and veteran players alike. We take Canon Trek and mix it with elements of Simi-Canon as well as the Sim’s history to make a unique simming experience for everyone!

Our LCARS site features a custom menu with data ranging from a Historical Timeline to Support Ship specs, a full Star Trek database to image galleries. Read though our mission logs, galactic news, apply for our web design award, join our Banner Exchange, or tour the Starbase. The NOVA site also has crew info, mission logs, an application to join SB400, and much more! Take a look around, we know you’ll be impressed. Join the Adventure!

Technical Specifications for Starbase 400

expected duration: 200 years
time between resupply: 10 years
time between refit: 10 years
category: Starbase

officers: 8205
enlisted crew: 75,000
marines: 18,000
civilians: 100 – 100,000

Auxiliary Craft:
starships: 30 Permanently assigned ships (USS Pegasus-B, USS Essex-B, USS Gladiator, USS Yorktown-F, USS Sutherland, USS Sentinel, USS Endeavor, USS Avenger, USS Conqueror, USS Saratoga, USS Ark Royal, USS Tirpitz, USS Luna-A, USS Steadfast, USS Lexington-D, USS Falcon, USS Mercy, USS Durga, USS Vanguard, USS Venator, USS Kearsarge, USS Constantinople, USS Princeton, USS Cutlass, USS Laffey, USS Warspite, USS Dorsetshire, USS Crockett, USS Ranger, USS Kashin), capable to holding up to 40 ships in it’s internal bays, depending on ship sizes.
shuttle bays: 20
fighter bays: 2
shuttles: 100 (Various types)
workbees and pods: 2000
attack fighters: 24 Scorpion, 42 Eagle, 54 Valkyrie, 20 Redemption, 12 Rogue
runabouts: 4 Mustang, 4 Huron, 2 Delta Flyer, 6 Blackhawk, 6 Danube, 2 Argo
interceptors: 6 Beowulf Refit, 4 Warhammer
light-escorts: Aquarius Class (USS Tiger, USS Panther)

2000 type-XII phaser arrays
launchers: 96
hellfire: 2000
photon: 5200
quantum: 5500
transphaisic: 6
tri cobalt: 10
shields and defenses:
Ablative Armor (Type-I)

height: 13356 meters
diameter: 8781 meters
levels: 2750

Below is a listing of some important areas aboard Starbase 400:

Section A1 – Administrative – Levels 1-130
Level 1 – Ops, CO’s Office, XO’s Office, Main Briefing Room
Level 2 – Tactical Operations (CiC), Briefing Rooms
Level 3 – CO’s Chief of Staff Office, XO’s Chief of Staff Office, Security Office, Transporter Room One
Level 4 – Beta Quadrant Commanding Officer’s Office and Facilities, Starfleet Strategic Intelligence Facility
Level 5 – Chief Strategic Operations Office’s Office, Intelligence Officers’ Offices, Intel Briefing Room
Level 6 – Chief Counselor’s Office, Counseling Offices
Level 7 – Task Force 99 Commanding Officer’s Office, Special Operations Team Offices
Level 8 – Transporter Rooms 2 and 3, Storage Lockers, Weapons Locker 1
Level 9 – Officers’ Ward Room
Level 10 – Training Officer’s Offices
Level 11 – Officer Training Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Quiet Rooms
Level 12 – Station’s Master Chief Petty Officer’s Office, Enlisted and NCO Training Rooms
Level 13 – Training Holodecks 1-4, Phaser Range 1
Level 14 – Flag Officers’ Galley and Mess
Level 15 – Officers’ Ward Room, Officers’ Galley and Mess
Level 16 – NCO’s Ward Rooms, Chief Warrant Officers’ Ward Room
Level 17 – NCO’s Galley and Mess, Chief Warrant Officers’ Galley and Mess
Level 18 – Crew’s Galley and Mess
Level 19-20 – Administration Areas
Level 21-25 – Upper Computer Core
Level 26 – Maintenance, Security Office
Level 30 – Chief Diplomat’s Officer, Diplomatic Offices, Diplomatic Conference Lounges
Level 31-32 – Meeting Rooms and Quiet Rooms
Level 40 – Marine CO’s Office, Marine Deployment Transporter Rooms, Marine Briefing Room
Level 41 – Marine Officers’ Offices, Marine Armory, Heavy Weapons Storage
Level 42-44 – Marine Training Facilities, Phaser Ranges 2-5
Level 55 – Fighter Wing CO’s Office, Fighter Pilot’s Briefing Room, Fighter Pilot’s Deployment Transporter Room
Level 56 – Fighter Wing Training Facilities
Level 90 – Judge Advocate General’s Office, Courtroom
Level 98 – Maximum Security Brig
Level 100 – Brig
Level 101 – Brig Supply and Maintenance Transporter
Level 102 – Brig Maintenance and Storage, Interview/Interrogation Rooms
Level 103 – Meeting Rooms and Quiet Rooms
Level 104 – Storage Lockers, Weapons Locker 2
Level 105 – Transporter Rooms 4 and 5, Security Office, Promenade Maintenance
Level 106-116 – Promenade
Level 117-130 – Holosuites 1-9

Section D1 – Docking Bay – Levels 131-540
Level 131 – Mission Ops, Air Locks, Observation Lounges, Transporter Room 6
Level 132 – Storage Lockers, Weapons Locker 3, Maintenance, Security Office
Level 133-139 – Upper Observation Lounges
Level 140-146 – Lower Observation Lounges
Level 147-150 – Administrative Officers, Crew Lounges
Level 151 – Maintenance, Security Office
Level 152 – Meeting Rooms and Quiet Rooms
Level 155-160 – Mid-level Computer Core
Level 200-215 – Auxiliary Craft Maintenance Bays
Level 216 – Transporter Room 7, Maintenance, Meeting Rooms
Level 220 – Light Escort Bays
Level 225 – Runabout Bays
Level 230 – Fighter Bays
Level 235-285 – Starship Drydocks
Level 290 – Shuttle Bays
Level 291-296 – Marine Storage and Cargo Bay
Level 297-300 – Marine Armored Vehicle Storage
Level 301 – Storage Lockers, Weapons Locker 4
Levels 301-309 – Cargo Bays
Level 310-315 – Observation Lounges
Level 316 – Meeting Rooms and Quiet Rooms
Level 350-410 – Starship Design and Construction
Level 411-440 – Cargo Bays
Level 441 – Administrative Offices, Maintenance, Security Office, Transporter Room 8
Level 450 – Storage Lockers, Weapons Locker 5
Level 469-489 – Starship Construction Storage
Level 490-540 – Cargo Bays

Section H1 – Habitat / Residential – Levels 541-875
Level 700 – Chief Medical Officer’s Office, Medical Officers’ Offices, Main Sick Bay, Security Office
Level 701 – Sick Bays 2-4, Triage Wards 1-6, Transporter Room 9, Maintenance
Level 702 – Sick Bays 5-8, Triage Wards 7-10, Maintenance, Medical Storage 1
Level 703 – Surgical Wards 1-10, Trauma Wards 1-6, Medical Storage 2
Level 704 – Surgical Wards 11-16, Trauma Wards 7-12, Medical Storage 3
Level 705 – Physical Therapy Wards 1-6, Medical Storage 4, Medical Offices, Counselor Offices
Level 706-709 – Flag Officers’ Quarters
Level 710-729 – Senior Officers’ Quarters
Level 730-739 – VIP Quarters
Level 740-798 – Residential Apartments
Level 799 – Reception Hall, Maintenance, Residential Storage 1-8, Security Office
Level 800 – Schools and Playgrounds
Level 801 – Library, Meeting Rooms, Quiet Rooms
Level 802 – Maintenance, Security Office, Phaser Range 6
Level 803 – Gyms, pools, and saunas
Level 804-810 – Indoor Track, Soccer Field, Batting Cages, Archery Ranges
Level 811-812 – Holosuites 20-50
Level 813 – Transporter Room 10, Maintenance, Security Office
Level 814 – Opera House, Concert Hall, Theater
Level 815-830 Junior Officers’ Quarters, Chief Warrant Officers’ Quarters
Level 831-875 NCO’s and Crew Quarters

Section H2 – Habitat / Biosphere – Levels 876-1119
Level 876-878 – Arboretum
Level 879-882 – Airponics Bays
Level 883-885 – Hydroponics Bays
Level 886-1110 – Biosphere

Section R1 – Research / Advanced – Levels 1120-1600
Level 1120-1169 – Research and Development
Level 1170-1174 – Lower Computer Core
Level 1175 – Transporter Room 11, Maintenance, Security Office
Level 1176 – Storage Lockers, Weapons Locker 6
Level 1177-1224 – Research Laboratories
Level 1225 – Meeting Rooms and Quiet Rooms
Level 1226 – Phaser Ranges 7-10
Level 1426-1480 – Advanced Starship Development

Section R2 – Research / Laboratories Levels 1601-1899
Level 1601 – Astrometerics, Stellar Cartography
Level 1606 – Storage Lockers, Weapons Locker 7
Level 1605-1699 – Science Labs
Level 1700 – Meeting Rooms and Quiet Rooms
Level 1701 – Transporter Room 12, Maintenance, Security Office

Section E1 – Engineering / Reactor – Levels 1900-2419
Level 1900 – Chief Engineer’s Office, Engineering’s Briefing Room
Level 1901 – Storage Lockers, Weapons Locker 8
Level 1902 – Computer Core Access
Level 1903 – Transporter Room 13, Maintenance, Security Office
Level 2000 – Primary Reactors
Level 2200 – Secondary Reactors

Section C1 – Communications / Transmitters – Levels 2420-2750
Level 2420 – Primary Communications Array and Transmitters
Level 2440 – Secondary Communications Array and Transmitters


Fleet Admiral Mike Bremer
Commanding Officer/USS Pegasus-B CO

Commanding Officer of Starbase 400, Flagbase of the Ares Operational Theater in Beta Quadrant. Flagship is the USS Pegasus NCC-1702-B.

Average height and weight, muscular. Looks like the normal Human, but has a Klingon Physiology with one exception, he does have tear ducts. Mike's heart is ALL Klingon, but he does have a soft side few get to see. He wears a silver Klingon Ha'quj, 'baldric' and belongs to the House of Martok, since 2374. K'Wor has short hair but easily can grow it long, when he does, he wears it in a pony tail. Mike sometimes also grows a gotee that is thinly trimmed and shaped.

Tactically sound thinking, a cunning warrior. Mike isn't a fan of 'flying a desk', but over the years has grown to love Starbase 400 and the adventures that have come with it.

Played by MBremer

Admiral Deela T'Lar
Executive Officer/USS Essex-B CO

Her Vulcan abilities includes mind-meld and the Vulcan Nerve Pinch. She has the strength of a Vulcan. She can sometimes connect telepathically with a non-telepath, put a suggestion in a person's mind (TOS:The Omega Glory) and she can sense strong emotions such as fear, hate, anger, sadness, etc. She has had some training in the Betazoid way while she was serving on the USS Zhukov as Assistant Counselor.

Played by Uey2

Lieutenant General Jewel Hurd
Chief Diplomatic Officer/USS Sutherland CO

She is an average person, she has the Klingon head ridges, and has the heart and attitude of a Klingon, despite she is not a full Klingon. She has a scar across her right shoulder from a fight she had with a Cardassian. She is also muscular as she works out regularly to keep in shape.

In 2389 Jewel ended up losing her lower right leg due to bone cancer that was hereditary from her mother. She now has a prosthetic leg and has learned to use it quite well. It doesn't look like she doesn't have her real leg.

Played by Leah

Major General Thomas Jackson
1st Marine Division Commanding Officer/USS Saratoga CO

Thomas Jonathan Jackson was born on September 11, 2356. His place of birth, and upbringing was in Athens, Alpha Centauri. His late father Jonathan Jackson, was a Senator in Alpha Centauri's Senate. His mother, Candace Jackson, is a school teacher. His Cousin is the Governor of Alpha Centauri, retired Admiral Phelan Ward. He is a Veteran of the Dominion Wars, including the Second Battle of AR558. He is currently assigned as Division Commander or the 1st Marine Division "Sheep Dogs".

Played by Gladius327

Captain DaSilvor
Chief Flight Control Officer/USS Conqueror CO

Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human - Vger Android clone - see bio

Physical Appearance
Height 6'
Weight 198
Hair Color Black with slight tinge of grey at temples
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Average build

Spouse Dalenna Amber Coolidge DaSilvor
Children None
Father John DaSilvor
Mother Andrea DaSilvor
Sister(s) Rosemary DaSilvor

Played by DaSilvor

Lieutenant Commander Jack Solomon
Chief Engineering Officer

Lieutenant Commander Jack Solomon is currently the Chief Engineer on board Starbase 400. Jack has served there for the past four years since being re-assigned after spending time working for Starfleet Intelligence.

Originally Jack entered service as an Ensign aboard the USS Wildcat-A under command of Captain Tomas Wolfe. When that ship was destroyed, he stayed on to serve under Admiral Wolfe on the USS Wildcat-B, rising to the rank of Commander and First Officer.

When the USS Wildcat-B was decommissioned, Jack moved over a Chief of Operations on board the USS Essex. This is where he met his friend and current partner Admiral Deela T'Lar. After being re-assigned to Starfleet Intelligence, Jack suffered on several classif missions and is glad to be back in "Normal" Service for Starfleet.

Played by Phil Kinch

Major Edward Maxwell
181st Tactical Fighter Wing Commanding Officer

Played by Fallon

Colonel David Hurd
1st Marine Division Executive Officer/USS Tirpitz CO

Played by ColHurd

Major Patrick McMichaels
22nd Marine Regiment Commander

Played by Nomadshadow

Major Danny Lennox
4th Marine Regiment Commander

Career Marine. Dominion War vet

Played by MBremer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Chloe Young
Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer

Starfleet Academy 2358-2362
Studied Command Principals and Administration of Justice
2361-2362 USS Archon, Cadet (Senior Assignment)
2262 USS Freeman, Security Officer
2362-2363 Missing In Action
2363-2264 USS Sutherland, Chief Security Officer
2364-2366 USS Sutherland, Chief Security Officer
2366-2376 USS Lighthouse, Chief Flight Control Officer
2376-2392 USS Exeter Chief Flight Control officer Lieutenant(JG)
2392 -Present Starbase 400 Chief Flight Control Lieutenant (JG)

Played by Nathaniel Capp

First Ramata`tar
Security/Tactical Officer / Dominion Exchange Officer

A little calm for the typical Jem Hadar. Odo's former First, Commander of his personal Commando Team and Body Guard. Loyal, with a sense of honor not usually found among Jem Hadar. Physical strong. Great warrior. Willing to listen to new ideas, loyal to his crew mates, but can at times become violent/aggressive.

Played by MBremer

First Lieutenant Klaus Gunther
Fighter Pilot

Klaus Gunther was born on November 24, 2368, in a small town called Leonides on Alpha Centauri. He is the son of an accountant, and a civilian nurse. He completed his Secondary education at Leonides High School in 2386 as Valedictorian. He entered Starfleet Academy that same year. He is currently a Squadron Commander in the 181st Tactical Fighter Wing. He is a Combat Veteran. His call sign is "Frogger".

Played by Gladius327

First Lieutenant David Henry

David Ugo Henry was born April 1, 2363 at Lake Armstrong City, Mars Colony. Being unable to focus, He barely made it through Secondary School. Being the son of a Federation Medal Of Honor winner automatically qualified him to be admitted to Star Fleet Academy. His father was more than happy to vouch for him, otherwise, he would still be living with his parents. He is currently assigned as a Platoon Commander in 2/22 Marines, 1st Marine Division. He is a Combat Veteran.

Played by Gladius327

Master Warrant Officer Giaus Aquila
1st MARSOC Group Leader

Gaius Marcus Aquila was born March 1, 2356. He is a member of a high level aristocratic family on Magna Rome (892-IV). He is the youngest of two sons. He is widowed with two sons. He is rooted deeply in the sense of Magna Roman honor. He prays primarily to the god Mars. He comes from a long time family martial tradition, and is the second generation of his family to serve in their still young membership in the Federation. At the age of 16, with the blessing of his family, he enlisted into the Star Fleet Marine Corps. He is currently assigned to the 1st MARSOC Group as its CO. He is in a relationship with Holly Gillo, the Chief Operations Officer of the star base. He is a Dominion War Veteran who served in the Second Battle Of AR558.

Played by Gladius327

Master Sergeant Atlee MIcklin
Team Leader 1st MARSOC Group

Atlee Micklin was born at Columbia, South Carolina, Earth on August 23, 2343. He is the son of a starship construction worker, and a teacher. In the "utopia" type economy on Earth, he came from a poor family. Upon completion of his Secondary Education, he joined the Federation Marines, seizing the opportunity to leave his impoverished life behind, and follow in his brother's footsteps. He is currently a Team Leader in the 1st MARSOC Group. He is a Second Klingon War Combat Veteran, Dominion War Veteran.

Played by Gladius327

Master Sergeant Charlton Gibbs

Gibbs was born in 2350 on the Cestus III Federation Outpost. His father is a retired Command Sergeant Major in the Federation Marines, and was assigned to the outpost garrison when he met his wife. In 2368, Giibbs enlisted into the Federation Marines. He is currently the MSAU NCO of Starbase 400. He is a Dominion War Veteran.

Played by Gladius327

Staff Sergeant Sam Hopper

He was born in Fort Worth, Texas, Earth in 2363. He currently serves as a Platoon Sergeant in A 2/22 Marines. He is a Combat Veteran against the Borg, and Klingon Rebels.

Played by Gladius327

Civilian Crumm Widdy
Civilian/Owner of the 'Skyline Lounge'

Crumm Widdy is a young and virile Bolian of average height and weight. He will likely be found wearing the best and most current of Bolian fashion. As he is allergic to Retinax V, he is required to wear corrective lenses. Of the varying shades of blue Bolians exhibit, Crumm's is of the brighter and more vibrant variety. While this does not mean much amongst Bolians, some outsiders view this as a sign of stature within the Bolian community. A jovial man, Crumm is almost always smiling and is a joy to be around.

Played by Anthony

Open Positions

  1. Assistant Chief Science Officer
  2. Assistant Chief Medical Officer
  3. Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer
  4. 327th Marine Regiment Commander
  5. Marine Medical Officer
  6. Fighter Pilot
  7. Civilian


Episode 96 - A Visitor From the Past
started August 13, 2018

As an Ion storm bases close to Starbase 400, an anomaly forms and the USS Enterprise comes through (TOS era, on it's way to Earth to be refit, a year before ST1). The ship is damaged and must dock at SB400 or risk being destroyed when attempting to return to its own timeline. Monuments to the defense of Kalab IV are dedicated in 'Washington Park' in New Hampton. One depicts the Federation defense against the Klingons in 2264 and the other depicts the USS Pegasus, USS Warrior, IKS Gorkon, and 1st

Episode 95 - Helping Old Friends
started July 15, 2017 and ended August 13, 2018

Starfleet Command sends three ships from Starbase 400 to make contact with the Talaxian Colony where Neelix was left by USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant and take them needed supplies / Two Talaxian Military Officer returns to SB400 as an Exchange Officer while five Starfleet Engineers remain as Exchange Officers / Joint Starfleet/Klingon/Cardassian/Free Romulan/C’hakilian fleet exercise conducted out of Starbase 400, Typhon Pact protests, calls them threatening.

Episode 94 - Return to Rashanar
started February 14, 2017 and ended July 15, 2017

Starfleet Command orders Starbase 400 to restart the clearing of the Rashanar Battle Site, the site of a major battle during the Dominion War where both sides fought to a mutual destruction. Clearing of the bonyard started in 2376 but was halted in 2381 during the Borg crisis. Meanwhile, the Luna's covert mission to Nimbus III continues.

Episode 93 - Warrior VS Warrior
started August 24, 2016 and ended February 14, 2017

Klingon civil war erupts in the wake of the failed attempts on Martok's life in Episodes 88 and 92. Fighting spills over into Federation space. Marines are to be stationed on Arcanus IV. Fighting also spills over into Federation in other areas resulting in the loss of the USS Falcon. Opposition Forces launch attacks on several key Loyal Klingon bases and manage to take over one while inflicting heavy losses. The Federation can only watch.