USS Sirius

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Greetings,  the year is 2385, the Romulan empire is in a state of civil unrest, worlds once under the control of the empire are breaking away, applying for Federation membership. While the USS Titan under the command of Captain Riker, spearheads what could be the first steps towards lasting peace between the Federation and the Romulan empire.  

The Klingon empire have been keen to take advantage of the politically unstable climate, claiming back former worlds. While the Federation having finally recovered from the Dominion war,  settles back once more in it’s persuit of exploration and peaceful contact. While attempting to diffuse any war mongering amongst the Romulan and the Klingon empires.

I’m Captain Tomas Jorin of the USS Sirius, my ship and crew recently returned from the Delta Quadrant. In the 10 years we were gone, things have changed and the Alpha quadrant isn’t how we remember it. For returning home safely, Starfleet saw fit to give me and my crew a new ship. Now we must find our place, facing old adversaries and new, while we seek out new life and new civilisations.


Captain Thomas Jorin
Commanding Officer

After returning from the Delta Quadrant, Captain Jorin finds himself commanding a new ship in a Starfleet much changed from the one he knew six years ago.

Played by Jorin

Commander Ryan Ketlan
Executive Officer

Ryan was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Earth) to Betazoid parents Delian (Starfleet Commodore (Deceased)) and Maryan (Starfleet Lieutenant Commander (Deceased)) Ketlan. Ryan was their only child, and he lived with his parents besides Earth on several starships. Ryan went to the academy at the age of 17. After 3 years there, he graduated 1st of his class. During his academy years one of the instructors noticed that Ryan had exceptional flying skills and convinced him to apply for the Advanced Tactical Flight Training at the Luna Flight Training Facility. After completing that training successfully Ryan joined the Combat Piloting Training at Mars Flight Training Facility. He became one of the few top pilots with an average score of 100% at both training facilities.

Played by Lenderink Arjan

Lieutenant Ke Dodo
Chief Tactical Officer

Ke is one of the first candidates on his homeworld to venture beyond the Briar Patch.

He is descended from ancestors who migrated to extraterrestrial colonies during the Nemu Reconfiguration, and like most colonists was raised with a desire to leave the waters for the stars. He is also a first generation Starfleet graduate and also one of a handful of Nemu graduates working outside of the cybernetics sector as part of a Nemu Exploratoratory Circle/Federation initiative.

This officer has a unique physiology and preparatory training and is cross-trained in multiple departments. However, Ke is part of a post-Dominion War graduating class and has less in-field combat experience than active veterans.

Played by kedodo

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Chief Petty Officer Jonathan Cunningham
Head Nurse

Departmental Leading Chief Petty Officer aboard USS Sirius NCC-79045-A

Played by CorwinKeys

Open Positions

  1. Transporter Chief
  2. Engineering Officer
  3. Flight Control Officer
  4. Security / Tactical Officer
  5. Medical Officer
  6. Counselor