Crystal Fruits

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Starfleet Intelligence is at the beginning of regaining control of getting a view into what is really going on in the Reaya area that has been dark for nearly 2 years due to lack of resources. Starfleet Intelligence has given the advice to Rear Admiral Banda to give Crystal Fruits and therefore Lieutenant Sarah Dufraimore freedom in gaining more intelligence of the area. After the initial success of the Crystal Fruits team at Faltan Station, Starfleet Intelligence greenlit more resources to the program, clearing them for operations throughout the sector block, to get a handle on the situation in the Raeya Sector Block.


Lieutenant Commander Sarah 'Greyfox' Dufrai
Officer-in-Charge (OIC)

"Dufrai is an isolated introvert person that hates to get into small talks and has no red tape holding her back to get the job done. A perfect intelligence officer in my eyes, but she is rather a person that requires some eyes on. Working in the shadows or darkness in total context might get the better of you. Dufrai has worked too long in the dark already" ~ Vice Admiral Keira Desai

Played by BlackWolf

Lieutenant Charlotte Gregory
Case Officer (CO)

Due to her extremely strict upbringing, Charlotte is geared up to have as much fun as she possibly can. She loves dancing, playing the dumb blonde, and flirting. She fell into Intel and undercover work when she ran away from home at 14 and found herself in some pretty deep trouble. Since then, she's lived life like a gypsy from old Earth history, trading and selling anything she could, including herself at times, just to get by. Though after joining Starfleet, she gave up selling herself, now she only dances, respectably, for money.

Played by Rach H

Ensign Sabine Rona
Humanoid Intelligence (HUMINT)

Cover Name: Elise Shena
Code Name: SteelSpider or Spider

Not much is known about Sabine. She keeps to herself, slinking around in the shadows. She excelled in

Starfleet Intelligence and all of her instructors spoke highly of her. But because she barely spoke, she wasn’t assigned anywhere right away where a capable intelligence officer was needed.

She knows her way with weapons and computers, and always has little tools and toys with her hidden in who-knows-what places.

The only thing that seems to bring out her voice is flirting, and lots of it. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, and will even occasionally find herself perhaps in someone’s bedroom just to get the job done

Played by KrisK1226

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Avery Benedict
Humanoid Intelligence (HUMINT)

Avery looks innocent and sweet, but she really isn’t. She learned from a very young age to do whatever it took to get what she needed, because if she didn’t, she would go without. All through her life, she was reminded that her parents didn’t want her. Her brothers showed her some attention, but they were all busy with their own lives. She learned to be self-sufficient, though she had many friends at school. Never the most popular, but never a loner either. She is good with long range target shooting, whether it be with a bow and arrow or a sniper rifle, she can hit 90% of her intended targets.

Played by Rach H


Episode 3: "The City in the Dark - The River of Blood"
started October 7, 2018 and ended November 22, 2018

The information found at the Gathering was valuable to continue the operation in Atuginia City. The city was being poisoned by members of the Sacred Bones with tons being dumped into the main water resource. This made the citizen ill and even killed a few already, time was running out and Crystal Fruits is to stop this madness at once. The only problem is that the location of the dumping takes place at the back side of the Red Guard West HQ! They have to use their ability to stealth their way in

Episode 4: The Golden City - Operation Barbossa
started November 18, 2018

After the horrific operation at Atuginia City that cost more lives, scars on both body and mind. The Merchant convoy heads out towards Kolrhia. Faltan's most wealthy and influential city that the planet has. It got casino's, hotels, mega shopping centers and even its very own spaceport. Tourism, as you might notice, is very important in Kolrhia. The biggest trading group among them all is known as Vallant Dynasty But the name of a group of influential people also hangs around the city, they got

Episode 3: "The City in the Dark - The Gathering"
started September 23, 2018 and ended October 7, 2018

After their successful capture of Lieutenant Yehuy and extraction from the Red Guard Detachment. They gained after a good few hours of talking with the Lieutenant valuable information that the Sacred Bones are doing a gathering to convince more citizens of their goals. However, these gatherings are used to brainwash the people into following the Sacred Bones wishes by the effects of a serum and certain music. The Crystals are still in not in the city, but are ordered to stop the operations of th

Episode 3: "The City in the Dark - The Loyalist"
started September 9, 2018 and ended September 23, 2018

Atuginia city, a city with a lower population than the rest of the Faltan cities. It is considered as one of the lesser common towns for trading and such, but still bigger than Jaifnard. This is mainly due to their production of food with farming, cattle, and fishing. The main river at the side of Atuginia leads directly towards the ocean. Due to this, the land is green and healthy, clear skies, however, Crystal Fruits agents have found out that not

Episode 2: "The Garden"
started August 25, 2018 and ended September 9, 2018

The intelligence that has been gathering at the location has been revealing on numbers points. There is something going to happen at the nightclub in The Garden and it is your task to find out what that is. Lieutenant Dufrai will give a small debriefing at the beginning of the mission, do ask what needs to be asked in that debriefing. A High Profile Hit on Codename "Skinner" has been triggered and Starfleet Security has now gained interest in Faltan operations. Starfleet Intelligence has given

Episode 1: "Red Diamond"
started August 17, 2018 and ended August 26, 2018

Lieutenant Dufrai has concluded that the situation at Faltan requires more in depth information gathering. Her bracket company named "Crystal Fruits" that travels the sector with the freighter "The Delight" will be your starting point at one of the spaceport on Faltan. Jaifnard is your destination, Jaifnard is a city that has one of the Faltan's rich minerals mining operations that is under protection by a former militia group named Red Guard. With Vrayvale City name a new stepping stone for