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“In every war zone that I’ve been in, there has been a reality and then there has been the public perception of why the war was being fought. In every crisis, the issues have been far more complex than the public has been allowed to know.” – John le Carre

The year is 2375 and the Dominion War…is over. The Treaty of Bajor is now in effect and the Allies now look to their own societies. The Klingons fall back within their own borders and begin to rebuild their fleet and society. The Romulans…we rarely know what they are really doing. The Federation however faces the daunting task of rebuilding broken worlds and broken lives, rebuilding most of her fleet.

The most important task however is to rebuilt its broken self. Gone now are the idealistic explorers, in their place wary, often times jaded veterans and wide eyed graduates the Academy keeps churning out. Time will only tell if these two polar opposites of a once united society can work together, if they can serve under the Federation’s original remit of exploration and self betterment. With a few more weapons than before.

Herein enters the USS Taniwha, an Akira class starship, currently in drydock at the Okana shipyards on Bajor, where she is undergoing extensive repairs suffered in the Battle of Cardassia. Meanwhile, as with many others, Starfleet faces a shortage of commanding officers and crew, so individuals are promoted to positions they may not have sought but now must accept, for the greater good.

Such is the case of Commander Xanthe Rahal, formerly the Intelligence Officer assigned to the USS Al-Haytham. Having been forced to take command of the Al-Haytham during the Battle of Cardassia and successfully getting the ship and her survivors through it, Commander Rahal is assigned as the new Commanding Officer of the USS Taniwha, in place of the late Captain Erihel Sand.

Rahal must now gather her crew and test the ship’s capabilities once its finished repairs. If they pass, they will be assigned to the re-formed Cardassian border as a keeper of peace and stability.

We have many positions open, as you can see listed, as well as a well of junior positions if you are interested.

While the site is being created, feel free to join us at our Discord channel if you are interested in joining and we can get to know you, and you can get to know us.

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Commander Xanthe Rahal


Commander Xanthe Rahal
Commanding Officer

Xanthe, when stripped away of all her layers her job requires her to present to people is a charming, affable woman who prefers company of close friends and loved ones and a quiet night in rather than being out in public. Unfortunately, said job rarely affords her the opportunity to meet and nurture such relationships. As such the persona most people get to see is that of a meticulous, calculated, sharp woman with a bit of a pedantic edge to her.

Even then she can be charming and affable and the life of the party, as the situation requires (as she is a talented actress who can pull off nearly any persona that is required of her), but she is ever watchful, ever analyzing, ready to change tact at moments notice.

Played by Kos

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Lieutenant Commander Rasahni Korra
Executive Officer

Dedicated and loyal to the Federation, Korra is a model Starfleet security officer. A Bajoran growing up off world and not in a refugee camp during the Occupation Korra and her siblings have often been outsiders. This is probably why she latched so tightly onto Starfleet and the Federation. Despite this she's still proud to be a Bajoran and of her people’s heritage. Korra has always had a strong belief in the Prophets, although she often questioned why their gods let the Occupation happen in the first place. This conflict in her faith was something hard to overcome and for many years she struggled, especially early in her career and reconnecting with her extended family.

Played by Kaichi

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Lieutenant Commander Whiro Hamutana
Chief of Security And Tactical

Played by The Ostrich

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Lieutenant Commander Damien Gardner
Chief Medical Officer

Damien Gardner remembers the day the Dominion War ended for him, he still bears the scars.

One moment he was the CMO of the USS Nightingale, an Olympic class hospital ship making a mercy run for colonies caught in the no-mans-land of stars between Federation space and Dominion occupied territory. The next he's being woken in an intensive care facility on Andoria, where he's spent the last six months in a medically induced coma.

The story is retold to him, the blurred edge of memory telling him some of it to be true. How the Nightingale was set upon by Jem'hadar attack ships, and how her escort valiantly fought them off. He dimly recalls the ship-wide announcement to evacuate.

He doesn't remember the collision.
But he can see the results.

Played by jakesjet

Open Positions

  1. Chief Operations Officer
  2. Chief Science Officer
  3. Chief Engineering Officer
  4. Chief Counselor
  5. Strategic Intelligence Officer
  6. Chief Flight Control Officer / CAG