USS Diligent

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Lieutenant Commander Elgor Rae
Commanding Officer

Elgor serves as Commanding Officer of the USS Diligent

Played by Sumpter

Lieutenant Commander Marcus Bancroft
Executive Officer

Marcus Bancroft is the current Executive Officer of the USS Diligent. Bancroft has eight years of experience in Starfleet and has served at both CONN and Ops roles on exploration vessels of various sizes. He is very by-the-book and is a stickler for decorum and protocol. Though he can be quite charming when he chooses to, he is normally reserved and taciturn, and doesn't make friends very quickly or easily, but has an exhaustive knowledge of Starfleet regulations and starship operations.

Played by MBancroft

Lieutenant T'Laruk
Ship's Counselor

T'Laruk was born on his father's home planet of Betazed, and lived there with his parents until he was twelve, when his mother returned to Vulcan with him to further his education.
He graduated with honors from Starfleet Academy in three fields: quantum mechanics, psychiatry, and psychology.
His first assignment was as an Engineer on the USS Budapest, where he served until the Battle of Sector 001.
He then served on the USS Pelican, the USS Malbolge, and again on the USS Pelican, under Captains Selma, Selma, and Renault, respectively.
Feeling that he would be a good fit for the position of Ship's Counselor on a ship going to the Delta Quadrant, he put his name in the hat, with recommendations from both Captain Selma and the new Captain of the Pelican, Captain Renault.

Played by Yzjdriel

Ensign Clara Watson
Chief of Operations

Clara recently graduated from the academy and is a very text book character, but also seeks the approval of her peers. Her mentor in the academy, Captain Fuller see's great potential in her. She served on the USS Tominga under his command. Clara has great potential, despite her age and maturity level. Captain Fuller did put in her file that he was a little concerned for her motivation to joining Starfleet. She felt it was her duty to help the federation against her enemies. He also stated that she was arrogant, and a little green. But showed a lot of potential.

Played by JL Galloway

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Maxine Dainshire
Chief Intelligence Officer

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Birthdate: January 1, 2339
Physical Description: Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160
History: Maxine Dainshire was the first child born in 2354 on Mars. She grew up watching the news clips announcing her birth, feeling sorry that her mother had to miss out on New Year’s parties by shoving Maxine out of her hoohah. But Maxine was grateful. She grew up in the Quayle Canals Northeast in the Utopia Planitia Gardens, among theoretical physicists from the Daystrom Institute; engineers from Starfleet; officials and diplomats of the Mars government; and a small circle of artists, writers, dancers, and poets from her mother’s acquaintances.

Played by Maxine Dainshire

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Lieutenant Elijah Thorne
Chief Science Officer

Born on a small asteroid colony that he never left until joining Starfleet, Elijah was instantly overwhelmed by the mundane wonders of the world. Everything from fresh air, non replicated food, to the sky itself was a minor miracle to Elijah. After overcoming some initial culture shock with the help of a mentor, he went on to become an accomplished science officer specializing in Xenoarchaeology. Currently serving With Task Force 38 aboard the USS Diligent.

Played by optimumsquare

Lieutenant Elwynor Semyonova
Chief Engineer

As an average-height average-weight female humanoid, Elly would pass as any other human except for the notable facial ridges, thicker bone structure, pointed ears, and slightly flattened Tellarite snout. She wears her light brown hair in a braid that hangs down to her shoulder blades, and keeps clean-shaven except for carefully-groomed and delicately-shaped lamb chops. Her hands also bear only four digits instead of the five that humans normally have. She usually wears a casual, lopsided, somewhat sarcastic grin.

Played by uruzrune

Lieutenant Rosheen
Chief Medical Officer

Róisín (Anglicized Rosheen) was born on Starbase 56, and it didn't take her long to figure out that she enjoyed dissecting things. Rather than discourage the practice, her parents found more things for her to eviscerate. When she was old enough to attend pre-med school, her mother flew with her to Earth. Her first assignment was as as Nurse on the USS Budapest. After graduating from Starfleet Medical, she was assigned to the USS Pelican as Assistant Medical Officer. After eleven years, she wanted a change of pace.

Played by GCaly

Open Positions

  1. Chief Flight Control Officer
  2. Chief Security / Tactical Officer