Starbase Boston

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Lieutenant Commander Christopher Monday
Commanding Officer

Christopher enrolled in Command school and after graduating he received his first command aboard the USS Fearless, a Defiant Class Starship tasked with investigating criminal activity in Federation space. However, Christopher's dream was to one day return to Starbase 349. So when the opportunity arose, Christopher requested for a transfer in hopes that he would once again be assigned Starbase 349, it would not only be better for having a family but it was home.

Played by C Monday

Lieutenant William Powell
Executive Officer

Physical Appearance
Height 6'0
Weight 160
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description William is very tall, he has no scars. William goes by the book and he layed back.

Spouse Mariah Anne Powell
Children Captain William Powell JR USS Cornell
Father Thomas Powell
Mother Jaclyn Powell
Brother(s) Louie Powell
Sister(s) Laney Mofield

Other Family
Linda Powell,School Teacher
Great Grandmother: Harriet Carnright, Lt. Commander, Nurse, Starfleet Medical Academy. retired
Great Grandfather: Harlan Carnright, Admiral, Starfleet Academy. Retired
Cousin: Mark Mofield, Lt., Communication Officer, Starfleet Command.
Cousin: Scott Mofield, Captain, Security Officer, Starfleet Command.
Cousin: Debbie Mofield, Lt. Commander, Nurse, Starfleet Medical Academy.

Played by WilliamPowell

Lieutenant Lorien George
Chief Medical Officer

General Overview A very laid back person, but if questioned about her medical judgment she will defend her position without hesitation. She is fiercely devoted and protective of those closest to her.
Strengths & Weaknesses She is passionate about her profession in saving the lives of others even at the risk of her own life.
Ambitions She is determined to find a cure for Iverson's Disease.
Hobbies & Interests She loves to read, listen to music, take walks on the beach at night, and sit on her grandmother's porch swing and watch the rain on Earth.

Played by Lorien George