USS Ride

The USS Ride is a brand new, Vesta class starship, assigned to the Gamma Quadrant. Having been laid out and outfitted with the most impressive technology available to the Federation, her presence was requested by the Dominion, on the far ends of their space.

Her current and ongoing mission is to patrol and explore the border of the Gamma and Beta Quadrant, determining the nature of a terrifying threat to all sentience, which calls itself only “The Hunger.”


Captain Andrea Roivas
Commanding Officer


As a leader, Andrea leans toward the archetype of a “kind disciplinarian.” While she expects professionalism and a level of decorum in the thick of it, she will certainly take a more relaxed stance with her crew when merited. She has an earned reputation of being a hard ass, as she’s had a career on the frontlines of various wars and skirmishes.

That being said, Andrea has a tender side, and to some of her crew (some would say her favorites, although she is loath to admit as much herself,) she can even be somewhat matronly, and loves to encourage professional and personal growth.

Played by QuodEroSpero

Petty Officer 2nd Class Dietlinde Fink

Played by Em

Lieutenant Commander Fynn Daros
Chief Engineer

Nearly a decade since contracting a disease that consumed nearly eighty percent of his body, Fynn survived and was extensively rebuilt with cyborganic and synthetic components. He survived, recovered, and with a great deal of time and assistance, returned to duty. Now assigned to the USS Ride as her chief engineer, Fynn seeks not only to continue to survive, but to thrive.

Played by Spidaur

Lieutenant Commander Ghyslaine Hisakawa-La Voye
Chief Science Officer

Ghyslaine always has a smile on his face, some esoteric historical anecdote for the situation, and an offer to help. Born into the Fleet, he has spent the vast majority of his life aboard ships and still chooses to do so. From his early career in the Dominion War, to his long academic career in the Sciences division, he is proud to be an officer and to follow in his parents' footsteps. He has a drive to excel, and a belief in the Federation that seems impossible to suppress. It shows. It isn't every day you see an Anthropologist leading a science department aboard an explorer.

Played by muselessbard