BFA Public Docket

Pursuant to Section 3.4.1 of the Bravo Fleet Constitution, this is the Bravo Fleet Admiralty Public Docket.

Last Updated: 27 May 2019



The following is what is currently under discussion by the BFA:

  • Increased BFA Transparency
  • Proposed CO Council
  • Revisions to Confirmation Process of TFCOs
  • Voting procedure reform – Changes to Article V, Section 4
  • TF Members-at-Large on BFA


The following is what is currently being voted upon by the BFA:

  • No items are currently being voted upon by the BFA.

Completed Items

The following has been completed by the BFA:

  • BF Member Read-Only Access to BFA Discussions, except BFA membership discussions (PASSED)
  • Publishing vote results of BFA, except on BFA membership votes (PASSED)
  • Proposed By-Law #2.9 – CO Authority on Sim Canon (PASSED)
  • New TF72 CO
  • Project: Khitomer
  • Fleet Week
  • Hall of Honour Reorganization Proposal
  • New TF64 CO