PLEASE NOTE: These listings represent in-character information only and do not reflect staff positions in the Bravo Fleet organization.

Captain Dillon Llewellyn
Commanding Officer
USS Arlington


On the younger side, having just entered his 30's. Slightly tanned complexion owing to his growing up on Cestus III on the outskirts of pike city.

Lean build, owing to his exercise regimen.
Running and Cardio more so than bulking up

Brown hair kept short with blue eyes.

Short beard, kept trim


Multi faceted, owing to the situation

For example, at his work he'll cut up to a degree but he's more or less all business. But also believes in his motto "if you can't have fun, why do it."

Off duty he is a social creature. He's not averse to mingling in the ships lounge with senior staff

Has been lnown to act a little unconventional at times. Mostly practical jokes at the academy

Played by Shervic

Civilian Dimitri Koslev

Dimitri is on oldtimer, retired Starfleet Engineer, with White/graying hair, beard, and mustache. Wrinkles on face show his age. Yet his broad shoulders and solid upper body strength is an example for young men to follow.

He speaks with a thick Russian/Ukrainian accent.

Played by Dennis

Commodore Dom Martinez
Commanding Officer
Starbase Port Royale

Physical Appearance:
Height: 5'7
Weight: 145
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Measurements: Slender man with a light muscular tone.
Physical Features: No scars or tattoos.
Current Assignment: Commanding Officer, USS Ottawa

Played by JL Galloway

Sergeant Major Donovan Daly

Marine Detachment Senior Non-Commissioned Officer. Daly is a stern and taciturn leader. Though he seems quite sullen, he cares for the lives of his Marines very deeply, but he ensures that his personal feelings do not get in the way of his command duties. He is a strict disciplinarian and a stern task master when it comes to training. Daly expects the best from the men and women that serve under him, holding his Marines to the highest standards. Served several decades within Special Operations, including in several major campaigns and various conflicts throughout Starfleet history.

Played by Donovan Daly

Lieutenant Commander Dorian Williams
Executive Officer
USS Hades

Played by Shervic

Lieutenant Douglas Mallory
Chief of Security
USS Triumphant

Much older than he appears, Douglas (original given name of Arrda) spent many years in service to his own people before deciding to serve Starfleet. His late wife was half Human, which gave him ties to Earth and, thereby, the Federation.

Played by SyberKat

Lieutenant Dr. Cara Nichols

Cara is a strong individual and an honest and loyal friend to those she trusts. She loves to joke around and rarely is serious. She absolutely loves practical jokes. When she loves she loves hard. When she plays she plays hard. She is almost anal when it comes to her job. She is a stickler for everything in its place. She is a generous leader yet she is tough when needed. She respects those who work with her and never asks anything of those under her that she would not do herself. However....she has a short fuse and a hot temper. You definitely do not want to get on her bad side. She has little tolerance for chronic sniveling. Probably her worst attribute is her propensity to speak her mind no matter the consequences. She hates being referred to by her rank.

Played by Dr_Nichols

Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Harriet Novar
Chief Medical Officer
USS Excalibur

Played by MiloTora

Lieutenant Dr. Rush
USS Altai

A calm and collected counselor here to help you with your problems. Raised on Andoria and born with adventure in his blood, he prefers to find his adventure with as little conflict as possible.

Played by Elijah_Blu

Commander Dr. Vanth
Second Officer and Chief Medical Officer
USS Hope

Vanth is an anthropomorphic wolf. S/he generally has an androgynous frame when appearing in uniform. S/he can take a quadruped form at will, unless s/he is injured severely enough in which case s/he is 'stuck' in hir present form at the time of injury until hir injury is healed.

Played by Vanth

Ensign Drake
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Hope

W’Liam Drake can be easily described as short and stocky, but he is much more. Underneath that rough and strong exterior is a creative engineer. He is much shorter than the average Tandaran. This was one of the reasons for him leaving his home world and wanting to be treated fairly in Starfleet. His hair is a few inches long so that the dark curly locks show. Tandaran anatomy is very close to human anatomy. One obvious difference it the V shaped skin wrinkle between the eyebrows. He has body art on his left inner forearm. It resembles 2 concentric circles, and 4 lines at right angles; all pointing toward the center, but not touching each other.

Played by Dennis

Lieutenant Commander Drakur Redragon
First Officer
USS Endurance

Drakur has finally left his "retirement" as an Academy instructor to rejoin the fleet as the Executive Officer of the USS Endurance.

Played by Drakur

Lieutenant Junior Grade Dralex

Played by CaptainPorthos

Major Dren Fyntar
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Shanghai

The product of Angosian military bio-engineering Fyntar was once an elite, deadly and relentless soldier.
Following extensive de-conditioning most of these abilities have been removed. However, he remains a highly effective operator in any combat situation.

Has a wide range of experience, with over twenty five years spent in the military.
He requires a monthly inoculation to maintain his biological chemical balance and counter the carcinogenic effects of the de-conditioning treatments. Additionally he has regular counseling sessions to aide his ongoing psychological recovery.

Professionally he is a solid leader, however in personal relationships he still suffers the residual effects of Angosian physiological conditioning and can be almost Vulcan in dealing with his personal emotions.

Played by THX1188

Lieutenant Junior Grade Dutch Mogun
Director of Strategic Operations
Heyerdahl Station

Played by Jason

No Image Available

Subcommander Dutir
Romulan Ambassador
Roosevelt Station

Dutir is a veteran Romulan officer with 5 years of diplomatic service who has just received his first command, the IRW Aehv. The Aehv's mission is to further diplomatic relations with the Alpha Quadrant.

Played by Dutir

First Lieutenant Edward Bolingbroke, 24th Viscount Creedmoor
2d Marine Special Operations Team Leader (2MSOT/TL)
USS Hawaii

Initial impressions are of a tall, athletic and rugged human male. He has short cropped light brown hair and blue eyes. Not classically handsome, although he has well defined lines, his best feature is a ready smile.

Played by THX1188

Major Edward Maxwell
181st Tactical Fighter Wing Commanding Officer
Starbase 400

Played by Fallon

Commodore Edward Pearson
Commanding Officer

Played by CaptainPorthos

Lieutenant Eelkom Raiem
Chief Medical Officer
Deep Space 11

A proud physician. Raiem (Ry-em) is someone that has worked very hard to get where he is in life. An odd character at times but someone who has dedicated his life to helping those in need. He is your atypical Bajoran however, in the sense that he does not actively practice his people's religion - this largely related to his forced convent/cult upbringing on Del’o’van III. Currently he serves as Chief Medical Officer on Deep Space 11 - his third posting leading a medical department in his Starfleet career thus far.

Played by Annex

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