PLEASE NOTE: These listings represent in-character information only and do not reflect staff positions in the Bravo Fleet organization.

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Lieutenant Bryta Mylo
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Valhalla

Played by JSlattery

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Lieutenant Junior Grade C'Morr
Chief Science Officer
USS Kumari

Played by CaptainPorthos

Lieutenant Cailus Griffin
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Pandora

Cailus is a man from another time, someone who has suffered an extraordinary loss, although few would guess such upon meeting him. On the job he is a cold, professional man, dedicated wholly to the safety of his shipmates and the Federation in general. In actuality Cailus was born in 2264 and served in Starfleet throughout the 2290s. An attack left him stranded in an escape pod, forced into deep cryostasis for eighty seven years before finally being rescued and returned to the Federation...but with his wife and daughter, as well as everyone he had ever known, now long dead. He is a hardened, broken man, yet despite everything he has lost, he now stands ready to defend his new home, the USS Pandora, with all his strength.

Played by Griff

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Captain Calandrah Paxton
Executive Officer
USS Sirius

Played by Paxton

Commander Calida
Director of Strategic Plans (N5)
Providence Fleet Yards

Nobody has physically seen Calida and lived to tell the tale. She is an electromagnetic non-corporeal being. While onboard Starfleet vessels, Calida inhabits a mechanical mobile frame that is roughly humanoid in appearance. Within her quarters, she often transfers to a protective carrier pod whose dimensions are approximately 1m x 1/2m x 1/2m.

Calida has a transcendental perspective which is not given to excesses whether positive or negative, though her wry sense of humor never fully leaves even in the worst of circumstances. Baser lifeforms may wrongly interpret her as mercurial.

Played by wizardbeard

Lieutenant Commander Calvin Hall
Chief Of Starbase Security
Deep Space 14

Calvin Hall is the Chief of Starbase Security for DS14. Hall has served before with Captain Richard Sharpe.

Played by arcticblast

Captain Calvin Rhodes
Commanding Officer
USS Hypatia

Played by Nate

Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Black Hawk

Camila has long, wavy blonde brown hair that she keeps braided while on duty and loose when she's off duty. She has warm brown eyes that have a piercing quality when she is in search of someone. She has an oval shaped face, a slim nose and full lips. She keeps herself in shape through long hours of hard work and training, but she is also soft and curvaceous at the same time.

Played by Camila Di Pasquale

Lieutenant Candor Manex

Candor Evatha enjoyed a privileged upbringing on Trill, thanks to his parents' wealth and influence. The Borg incursion of 2368 left psychological scars and were reignited during the incursion of 2373. in 2374, Candor applied to Starfleet and the Trill Symbiosis Commission simultaneously, and was surprised to be admitted to both. However, his nagging fear of the Borg - what he felt represented the very opposite of a joining - convinced him to dig in and work as hard as he ever had to become joined as well as become an officer. He graduated from Starfleet in 2379 and was joined to Manex in 2380. Manex provided a more structured analytical outlook that brought Candor to the field of Operations. Candor continues to find the balance between his love for new tech and fear of assimilation.

Played by JT

Captain Richard Sharpe
Commanding Officer
Deep Space 14

Captain Richard Sharpe is 34 years old. He's 6'4 with dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. There is a small scar above his left eyebrow.
He's lean and extremely fit. Strong, muscular but not overly so. Has a nice smile.

He is currently the Commanding Officer of Deep Space 14.

He has a 3 year old daughter called Scarlett who is with him.

Played by starcrazey

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Lieutenant Carrie
Chief Security Officer
USS Triton

Carrine is aloof and random. It goes into making her personality seem very energized. She has the ability to easily make friends and to make people want to speak to her.

Played by carrinehalstead

Lieutenant Casniy Maran
Chief Security Officer
USS Mercury

Played by Casniy

Ensign Catherine Lynn

She was born in an ordinary family in a wealthy capital. She lived in peace until she was about 18 years old, but at that point things changed.

She went to Starfleet Academy and was strengthening the relationship with both parents. With a great companion, she is trying to help others in a strange world. But with her wits and intrepidness, there's nothing to stop her from improving the world. She could quickly become a person of (great) importance.

But only time will tell; she is currently still studying. She feels like there's more than people let on in this world. Luckily she has plenty of resources to support her.

Played by beastman1765

Lieutenant CDubrovski
Chief Medical Officer
USS Devonshire

Caterina and her four miscreants, usually referred to as her children have just joined the Devonshire. having spent some time in hospital complexes in the Sol system. this will be the first time the children have been on a starship.

Played by CDubrovski

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Colonel Charles Howden
USS Equinox

Played by jonileth

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Captain Charles Lancaster

Played by cmdrlanc

Senior Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens
Chief Operations Officer
USS Black Hawk

Chuck is the Chief of the Boat and Assistant Chief Engineer, Damage Control and Maintenance.

Played by aparry

Lieutenant Charlie Dupont
Chief Medical Officer and Medical Examiner
USS Thurgood Marshall

The Affable, Easy going Charlie Dumont serves as both CMO And ME for the Marshall as it seeks to bring justice to a wayward and lawless galaxy. Adaptable, unshockable, and a steady hand in any crisis, he's a good man to have on your side. In addition to top notch medical care, he provides his unbeatable talent in plying his grisly trade as a medical examiner, reading the tales of dead men written in flesh, blood, and bone. A lover of life's simple joys, and a man who knows the value of peace, he is dedicated to stopping any who would take that away from his fellow citizens. Criminals of the Federation beware.

Played by Hackhand

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Charlie McCullen
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Scorpio

Christopher McCullen was born into Starfleet. His parents serve, his grandparents served, his great grandparents were among the first to serve. There was little doubt that both he and his two siblings would sign up. By the age of twelve, he was annoying his captain by taking turns, supervised of course, at helm. By the age of fifteen, he was a cadet-ensign serving part time on alpha shift.

Ensign McCullen graduated from Starfleet academy after only two years, having completed much of the coursework and testing aboard ship. At age 18, he was assigned to the USS Xavier, a Miranda class cruiser. He served there for a few years before moving to the USS Grumman, where he served with distinction. Now, he has been promoted to Junior Lieutenant and assigned as the CFO of the USS Scorpio.

Played by Brainfishes

Master Sergeant Charlton Gibbs
Starbase 400

Gibbs was born in 2350 on the Cestus III Federation Outpost. His father is a retired Command Sergeant Major in the Federation Marines, and was assigned to the outpost garrison when he met his wife. In 2368, Giibbs enlisted into the Federation Marines. He is currently the MSAU NCO of Starbase 400. He is a Dominion War Veteran.

Played by Gladius327

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