Lieutenant Junior Grade Vott Panns

Vott is a tall, well built Bolian man in his mid 20's. He loves to swim and workout. He works out 3-4 times a week to try and stay in shape, but food is his friend. He is a kind man, he cares for others. He's not afraid to get rough with people who threaten the people he cares about. Vott is an outgoing introvert. He loves to hang out with friends and go out to bars, but he also values his alone time. He loves to hang out on the beach and play volleyball Off-duty he generally wears shorts or joggers and a tee-shirt or tank-top.


ott was born in the year 2367 to his parents, Benil and Jaki. He lived a fairly normal childhood in the northern province of Bolarus IX. His father, a Starfleet officer in Engineering, received a posting on Deep Space 14, and in due time, Vott spent much of his childhood on the station.

With the arrival of adolescence, Vott spent most of his time at school, though he much preferred to spend time with his father. During slow days, his dad would bring him to engineering and show him around, often showing his son the ins and outs of operations and engineering. Vott loved to see him work on all the systems.

When Vott was 16, his father was promoted and appointed Chief Engineer of the USS Washington. As his family traversed the stars aboard the Washington, Vott continued spending time with his father, while attending to his studies. The Washington, assigned to the Bajoran system, frequently used station Deep Space 9 as a homeport, and during one of the many visits, Vott struck up a close friendship with a fellow, Peter Henderson (Henderson himself was from an engineering family). Vott and Peter had dreamed about attending Starfleet Academy together, and as their age of adulthood approached, they both made a pact to apply for service in Starfleet.

Upon turning 18, Vott applied for Starfleet Academy, and was accepted immediately. He studied Starship Operations with a specialty in special shield and transporter systems. After graduating the Academy with the highest honors, including a commission as an Ensign of Operations, he took up his first posting aboard the USS Newport as a Transporter Officer.

After completing his first year aboard the Newport with much success, Vott was appointed Assistant Chief Operations Officer aboard the Newport, upon recommendation of his department head. Even though both the skipper and the Chief of Operations urged Vott to take the posting, he was admittedly hesitant, for it was all very sudden and in quick order. Acknowledging the praise heaped upon him by the skipper and the Chief of Operations, he accepted the promotion to the post of ACOO. Hoping also for an elevation in rank, the skipper advised that no such promotion would take place as he needed to serve the minimum three years before even being considered for promotion to Lieutenant JG. Satisfied with this explanation, Vott went on to serve in this post for two years.

While attending a starship operations seminar with the Ops team, Vott met civilian scientist, Tyra Acceb. They hit it off and got along great, partially thanks to the fact that she too was Bolian. Shortly before she departed for Bolarus IX, they admitted their attraction and love for each other. Even though they worked at different posts in the galaxy, they declared themselves a couple, and despite the long distances, they found time to contact each other and talk for hours. Anytime that he was near Bolarus IX, and any leave he got was with her.

Chatting with his chief about the future, for she was proud to see him grow, and acknowledging he needed to hang his own shingle, she advised of an opening within Task Force 38, assigned to the Delta Quadrant. The ship, USS Boise, was a state of the art Intrepid class vessel and was in need of a Chief of Operations, and carried a promotion to Lieutenant JG. Excited with the opportunity, Vott was further surprised when she admitted to sending along a letter of commendation and recommendation from both her and the skipper. Grateful, he made preparations to transfer to the Delta Quadrant. Then he wondered, would the Boise allow him to bring Tyra with him? His chief advised him to marry Tyra immediately if possible–she would inquire if bringing his wife was acceptable.

Sitting down to dinner with his chief for one last time, she stated that Vott’s request was granted–thus, Vott, with Tyra in hand, walked off the airlock of the Newport, heads held high for the new adventure to come.