Lieutenant Commander T’Prir Abbott

T'Prir has rejected Surak's teachings, which she had learned from birth. She rejected them after her father died shortly before her first pon farr at age 17 and has accepted, v'tosh ka'tur, as her philosophy from then on. Despite that, she has decided that there was no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater and is prone to falling back on her logical teachings when people or situations do not make sense. She also will traditionally raise the right eyebrow when something is illogical or is interesting. Her speech tends to lack inflections because of her upbringing but when highly emotional, she will use inflections and they may be emphasized in incorrect areas. Because she is a blend of human and Vulcan DNA, her physiology also is mixed.


William Abbott was an ambassador on Vulcan at the time shortly before T’Praa hit pon farr. William enjoyed the company of the charming, stoic and logical T’Praa, passing many an hour playing 3d chess with her. He had not intended to marry her. His position was not meant to be permanent. However, when she passed into pon farr, they mated and married. The result of their union was T’Prir. Given that T’Prir was conceived on Vulcan, T’Praa felt that it was logical to have the child born and raised on Vulcan, as well. Despite T’Prir being half human, T’Praa determined that it would also be logical since she was to be raised on Vulcan, she should receive a traditional Vulcan education.

Of course, being half human, part of T’Prir craved more emotions than her mother could or would give. Consequently, T’Prir became quite the daddy’s girl. T’Praa claimed that William spoiled T’Prir and she should learn how to detach her emotions like other Vulcan children. Reluctantly, William allowed T’Prir to continue with the stoic education but outside of T’Praa’s presense indulged affection with his daughter, maintaining the closeness of their relationship. If T’Praa disapproved of it, she kept it to herself.

It did not help that when in school, she was teased for being a half breed. Friends were difficult to come by for her but her closeness to her father and her overriding need to prove herself to her mother kept her from minding it too much.

T’Prir was an average student. Whether it was because she was partially human or because she did not apply herself to her mother’s content, nobody could tell. T’Praa insisted that she would attend the Vulcan Science Academy. Not willing to disobey or disappoint her mother, she enrolled in it. During this time, her father went away on a diplomatic mission to negotiate a treaty with the Romulan Empire after the Tomed Incident. William was specifically picked for the mission because he was human and for his understanding of Romulan and Vulcan history, not to mention having a Vulcan spouse. Unfortunately, William’s ship was attacked and destroyed, presumably by Romulans, on the way to negotiate the treaty.

T’Prir was outraged that her father was killed and more so that her mother showed no emotions at his passing. Worse, her mother told T’Prir that she should accept his death because death was the natural conclusion of life and should not be feared or hated. However, T’Prir entered pon farr on the following day and in her enhanced emotional state she swore that she would avenge her father’s death. Knowing that she could not on Vulcan, she immediately signed up for Starfleet against her mother’s wishes and began her own journey.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
Student - CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
Student - CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
Student - CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
Student - CadetStarfleet Academy
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Security OfficerUSS Excalibur
23832385LieutenantSecurity and Intelligence OfficerUSS Whirlwind
Assistant Chief of SecurityUSS Tempest
23872388LieutenantChief of Security and IntelligenceUSS Springfield
Lieutenant Commander
Deputy Chief of Strategic PlanningProvidence Fleet Yards