Colonel Bryan Accomack

Colonel Bryan Accomack is currently the Commanding Officer of the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Unit assigned to Task Force 38 of the Fourth Fleet. Colonel Accomack began his Starfleet career as an enlisted marine to honor his mother's service as a physician within Starfleet. COL Accomack after serving four years in the Corps reaching the rank of Corporal in the MOS of Avionics Specialist he elected to apply for the Starfleet Academy and graduated with a degree in Interplanetary Governmental Affairs and a minor in Military History. Upon gaining his commission as a Second Lieutenant he served in multiple combat and leadership roles including multiple commands. He served as a professor and department chairman at the Starfleet Academy for one year before accepting command of the 3rd MEU.


Bryan Accomack was born to a single mother, Melissa Accomack, his father’s identity never known to him aboard Starbase 104 in the Alpha Quadrant. His mother was a physician in Starfleet and remained on Starbase or Planetary based assignments until he was of high school age where she accepted an assignment aboard the USS Comfort assigned to the Beta Quadrant.  Shipboard life was boring for him there were no teenagers near his age aboard to socialize with and despite having some of the younger crew to socialize with not being part of the crew made it difficult.

At age seventeen and only days from the deadline he completed and submit his application to the Starfleet Academy. The 2350s saw violence and power shifting within the Alpha Quadrant with attacks on the Federation from multiple enemies and combat between the Romulan and Klingon Empires. He wanted to serve the Federation as his mother did proudly his entire childhood. Unfortunately due to his average grades and lack of extracurricular activities he was rejected by the Academy.

Determined to serve the Federation still and wanting to get off a ship he decided that he would enlist in the Marine Corps over Starfleet and so he did. He graduated from honors from Basic Recruit Training, caught up with family on Earth, and his mother was present at his graduation. He went from there to basic infantry training and chose to become an Avionics Specialist dealing with the computer systems aboard Marine Fighters and Transport Craft.

Upon completion of his avionics training he reached Non-Commissioned Officer status and excelled in leadership.  He was looking to begin college courses wanting to proceed through Officer Candidate School in the future to gain his commission; however, at the continued recommendation of his Platoon Leader he reapplied for Starfleet Academy and was accepted after serving with his first Marine Expeditionary Unit.

Aside from excelling during his time as a Non-Commissioned Officer life on a planetary based allowed him to socialize with non-Starfleet personnel really for the first time. He also had his first relationship and seriously dated a girl who eventually decided to break up with him when he accepted his appointment to the Starfleet Academy not wanting to leave her home planet to follow a Starfleet or Marine Officer around.

His time at Starfleet Academy went much like Basic Recruit Training where he excelled in his military discipline and leadership areas.  He struggled with some of his grades and subjects, clearly the sciences and engineering topics were not his strongest.  He eventually settled on a degree in Interplanetary Government Affairs finding the relationships between governments interesting.  He eventually added the addition of a minor in military history finding himself to be quite the history buff.

Some highlights of his Academy career included being a squad leader his freshman year and getting the opportunity to sign up to see the newest Starfleet Flagship the USS Enterprise-D commissioned unfortunately he wasn’t selected. His sophomore year found a new love interest that was off and on again with a girl from another company throughout the rest of his academy years. He served as a Platoon Leader in his Sophomore Year which was an honor for a sophomore. His on-and-off girlfriend introduced him to a new hobby of horseback riding; unfortunately that hobby became very difficult after graduation due his duty stations. His junior year he was a Company Commander a position that normally falls to a senior and his senior year he served on the honor committee and as Executive Officer of the Corps of Cadets.

COL Accomack earned his commission in the Federation Marine Corps. as a Second Lieutenant as part of the Class of 2367. Upon graduation, he spent leave with his family, including his mother who pinned his rank on him at graduation. He went off next to the Basic Infantry Officer Course and applied to be an Aviation Officer, Avionics Officer, and for Flight School.  He finally arrived at his first unit within the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Unit, his current command, where he would spend most of his career as a Marine Officer.

In 2370 when the Dominion Cold war began the 3r MEU was assigned to forward operations in that theater, however, by the time they arrived at their forward base he was reassigned from a Platoon Leader in the Ground Combat Element to the Battalion’s Adjutant. In 2371 the MEU is yet to see action though a detachment is sent forward to Deep Space Nine temporarily including then 1LT Accomack. Excited for a chance to get back to an infantry unit after being told he would be transferred out of the S-1 position by the Battalion XO he is instead assigned as a Deputy Operations Officer fortunately later in the year when achieving promotion to Captain he is also given Command of an Infantry Company within the Ground Combat Element.

The MEU is pulled away from the Deep Space 9 area and is deployed to various operations throughout the Federation.  Though as tensions pick back up again before the official start of the Dominion War they are redeployed. Captain Accomack’s actions and leadership in operations during his time as Company Commander quickly lead him to promotion to Major and out of the combat leadership role serving as the Battalion’s Training & Operations Officer (S-3).  At the conclusion of the war the 3rd MEU was assigned to Earth for a stand down period as well as a training evolution.  When they arrived back at Earth in 2375 Bryan assumed the role of Battalion Executive Officer.

The 3rd MEU remained on Earth for the rest of his tenure with the unit and developed a relationship with his neighbor that became serious. Also while at Earth he often spent time with the wife and child of his best friend from the MEU who was killed in action during the Dominion War.  He was close to his daughter, Katie, who at the precocious age of ten announced she would be a Marine like her father. Over the next three years Uncle Bryan and his “niece” Kate became very close.

Getting bored on Earth Bryan accepted a transfer to the 9th MEU located in the Beta Quadrant at that that time attached to the Fifth Fleet. He assumed the role of Battalion Commander of the Support Element not his first choice but available. He remained in contact with Kate and her mother as well as his girlfriend at the time.  The long distance romance was difficult and lasted about a year before the two decided to call it quits. He remained in that role for only a year before transferring to command the Ground Combat Element, his goal at the time.

In 2380 when the C’hakilian Armistice Crisis occurred the 9th MEU was temporarily attached to the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 21 and the Ground Combat and Aviation Elements both saw combat during those operations. Upon conclusion of Combat Operations the MEU remained at a nearby Starfleet Planetary base established for propositioned response to a future C’hakilian incident. During early 2381 the MEU deployed a small Task Force with elements from Ground Combat and Aviation for a Search and Rescue Mission for a mission Starfleet Shuttle in the area and was able to locate and rescue all personnel with assistance of their parent vessel. Later in 2381 when the plague began to effect the C’hakilians and they began to isolate themselves the MEU was ordered to dismantle the base and were returned to their original home base.

In 2382 then Lieutenant Colonel Accomack was granted an opportunity to advance his career and reunite with his beloved niece Kate. He spent a year on Earth attending the Command and Staff College and had the opportunity to see her off for the Starfleet Academy prior to returning to a field unit.

Over the next four years he split his time between serving as a Civil-Military Operations Planner (G5) and the Training and Operations Officer (G3) on the general staff of the 2nd Marine Division. During the first weeks of his time with the 4th Division’s Marine Air-Ground Task Force as the (G5) he met a Starfleet Diplomatic Officer who married a year later.  She resigned her post within the UFoP Diplomatic Corps. to follow him to his assignment as the 2nd DIV G3.

Things were looking up for the couple who were discussing adopting when they returned to Earth when he accepted a position as not only a Professor but Department Chair at the Starfleet Academy.  He was there to see Kate graduate and to pin her Second Lieutenant bars onto her uniform. It was the proudest moment he could imagine and he was even proud to see her assigned to his first unit as an officer the 3rd MEU assigned to the Fourth Fleet in the Alpha Quadrant.

The plans to adopt seemed to keep getting pushed off, a source of tension for the couple, and when he became bored of teaching and wanting to return to the field before he was too old he decided that he would put in for transfer.  As luck would have it he would be returning to his home the 3rd MEU as it’s Commanding Officer.

While his professional life was starting to take off again in the role he has wanted since earning his eagle his personal life took a downturn.  His wife who expected him to retire out of the academy or to move into a Flag position where he would be at home was suddenly heading back out to a field position. She begged him to reconsider but it was too late having already accepted the position.  His wife has decided to remain on Earth and communication between the two has not been great in the year he has held command.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Marine RecruitBasic Recruit Training - Camp Lejeune
Private First Class
TraineeBasic Infantry Training - Camp Lejeune
Private First Class
3rd Squad Member2nd Platoon, Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines
Lance Corporal
Marine Avionics Specialist TraineeFort Carson Education Center
Marine Aviation SpecialistAviation Combat Element, 2nd Marine Expeditionary Unit
Cadet Freshman Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
Cadet (Marine)Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
Cadet (Marine)Starfleet Academy
Second Lieutenant
Basic Infantry Officer CourseCamp Lejeune, Earth
Second Lieutenant
First Platoon LeaderG CO, 3BN, 3MEU
First Lieutenant
Adjutant (S-1)3BN/4MEU
First Lieutenant
Deputy Operations Officer (S3D)3BN/3MEU
Company CommanderH CO 3BN/3MEU
Operations & Training Officer (S3)1BN/3MEU
Executive Officer1BN/3MEU
Lieutenant Colonel
Battalion CommanderSupport Element, 9th MEU
Lieutenant Colonel
Battalion CommanderGround Combat Element, 9th MEU
Lieutenant Colonel
StudentCommand & Staff College, Earth
Lieutenant Colonel
Civil-Military Operations PlannerMAGTF, 4th Marine Division
Operations & Training Officer (G3)2nd Marine Division
Military-Civil Affairs ProfessorStarfleet Academy
Commanding Officer3rd Marine Expeditionary Unit
Commanding OfficerTask Group Hermes, TF72, 4th Fleet