Captain Anthony Richardson

Rugged good looks don’t go anywhere close to describing Anthony. His grey hair is a good look for a man of his age, his desire to not really bother with what it looks like gives it a very ruffled look. A piercing stare will send anyone to the likes of Siberia when he doesn’t appreciate their “stupidity” as Anthony puts it. Being your average height and weight, everything just seems to be because it was like that when it comes to Anthony; there really is not a whole lot that is special about him when it comes to looks. Anthony is always clean-shaven and whatever he wears is always neatly clean and pressed to give others the sense that he looks after himself and takes pride in himself.



  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 54
  • Security Clearance: Level 10
  • Data Access Level: Level 5
  • Authorisation Code: Richardson-226-Red
  • Main Assignment: USS Excalibur, Commanding Officer
  • Quarters Assignment: Captain’s Quarters, Deck 1
  • Duty Station: Main Bridge, Beta Shift



  • Height: 5ft. 6in. (167.6cm)
  • Weight: 172lbs (78.01kgs)
  • Hair Colour: Grey
  • Eye Colour: Blue/Green
  • Rugged good looks don’t go anywhere close to describing Anthony. His grey hair is a good look for a man of his age, his desire to not really bother with what it looks like gives it a very ruffled look. A piercing stare will send anyone to the likes of Siberia when he doesn’t appreciate their “stupidity” as Anthony puts it. Being your average height and weight, everything just seems to be because it was like that when it comes to Anthony, there really is not a whole lot that is special about him when it comes to looks. Anthony is always clean-shaven and whatever he wears is always neatly clean and pressed to give others the sense that he looks after himself and takes pride in himself.
  • Medical Clearance: Richardson is cleared for active duty, pending further medical at a later date, or when current clearance expires. The patient has a minor discomfort from previous surgery on right leg due to an injury sustained in 2367, operated on at Starfleet Medical in 2367 and again in 2369, however, bone structure is clear of any long-term damage and patient has full use of leg movement. The patient is encouraged to seek medical attention when the pain goes beyond normal tolerance levels. Heart rate and blood pressure within normal parameters, cardiovascular tests all clear. No abnormalities discovered, a clean bill of health.
  • Counselling Evaluation: Richardson is cleared for active duty, with monitoring on a normal schedule. Anthony has a minor apprehension towards situations where the outcome may result in death, most probably from previous traumatic experiences, or from previous engagements where decisions made by himself have resulted in a loss of life, however, this seems to be normal within most patients who serve as Commanding Officers. Anthony has dealt with this in his own way and has learnt to use the skills at his disposal to find ways to bring about better outcomes for those who serve with him, and under his command. I feel, with ongoing support from his command structure, and a directed focus, that Anthony will be just fine.



  • Spouse: Amber Richardson (née Greyson) ~ born April 24, 2342
  • Children: Edward Richardson ~ born December 4, 2380
  • Father: Francis (Frank) Richardson ~ born December 6, 2300
  • Mother: Silvia Richardson (nee Edwards) ~ born August 1, 2301
  • Brothers: None
  • Sisters: Elisabeth Jackson (née Richardson) ~ born April 14, 2340
  • Other Family: Commodore Nathaniel “Nate” Jackson (Brother-in-Law) ~ born September 15th, 2334



Born on October 4, 2334, to his father; Francis and his mother, Silvia in South Bend, Indiana; Anthony Charles Richardson was a happy, go-lucky child in his youth. He loved running around the garden and the backyard, playing like any regular little boy would while growing up. In 2340; when Anthony was 6, and starting first year of school; his sister Elisabeth was born; but unlike other older brothers, Anthony was very protective and caring of Elisabeth and he really did look after her, and Elisabeth and Anthony have been close ever since, so much so that they each consider the other one their best friend in life.

Growing up, Anthony loved everything about the outdoors and would climb trees, swing around and would very rarely be found indoors unless it was to do his homework. Academically; Anthony was very bright and never missed a day of school for four years straight. As he graduated from Junior High in 2348, he was the dux of Junior High and played football on the junior varsity squad for two years before moving to the varsity squad for his last three years at (John) Adams High School in South Bend. Opting not to attend university at the time, even though he received scholarships to seventeen different universities including Notre Dame, he decided to take a year off and then accept a scholarship to the University of Notre Dame to study Arts and Business, as Anthony was very honoured to be there and wanting to learn as much as he could, his parents always encouraged their children to learn as much as they could throughout their lives. He spent five years at university, studying and then completing his degree in 2357, but throughout the whole time he was there, Starfleet kept on being in the back of his mind. He decided then it was time to apply to join.

Anthony decided he would indeed join Starfleet, having seen recruiters at his high school many years ago; however, Anthony was torn between the marines and regular Starfleet, but since his heart was set on one day being a Starfleet Captain and commanding his own starship, something he always dreamt of since that day back in junior high when he met some Starfleet personnel there on some business, he wanted those pips and the responsibility of leading a crew, he began the process in 2358 to join Starfleet and began the process of getting into the Academy to become an officer. He did begin the process, but he didn’t let that get to him, he just hoped that he had done enough.

He was knocked back at that occasion, but it just gave Anthony the determination to keep on trying, living to the promise he made to Elisabeth that when she got married, he would be at the ceremony wearing his Starfleet dress uniform. He didn’t want to let her down and he spent the next two years building up what he had to do, completing the tests, and finally in 2360, at the age of 26, he was accepted to join the Academy.

2361 – 2364 (Starfleet Academy)
The Academy years were uneventful, Charlie spent his time getting to know his fellow recruits, working hard on his studies and focusing on what he wanted to do. He had the dream that he wanted, but to do it his own way, not like anybody else. That has always been something that has led Anthony to where he is, those young days when simply he just wanted to be his own man, not to copy what he did. He had the chance to meet other officers, older academy recruits and even took the time to meet with graduates when they came back to talk to the recruits like Anthony about their experience, he just wanted to get the best opinions and advice and put them into his own life, but in his own way. The other thing he loved so much was being able to see his family.

The one thing Anthony loved was being able to take leave and head back home to his parents and his sister, Elisabeth; who had, by Anthony second year had also made it onto the junior varsity squad for volleyball at Adams High School and was being touted for a scholarship to some colleges, also including Notre Dame, which happened to be alma mater of his father. Anthony loved the academy, In early 2376; many of the cadets who had survived and were stull completing their studies and their training were all preparing to find out their first assignments should they graduate and get through everything. Anthony found out that his first assignment was going to be on the USS Gandhi, a science-based vessel, but his expertise and skills in operational techniques and procedures, lead him to be assigned to the operations department as a junior officer, but also to help out in the Engineering department since the ship was smaller than normal and didn’t have a full complement of crew.

2365 – 2367 (USS Gandhi)
A bright-eyed, bushy-tailed new recruit, Anthony arrived with gusto. He wanted to set the world on fire, he wanted to bring in all of these great ideas and thoughts that he had from the Academy, but arriving on the Nebula-class starship; he was sorely mistaken. His new commander, Captain Alan Cross had things just the way he liked them, just perfect as he put it; and his new department head, Lieutenant Commander Peter Millington, knew where everything was and what everything was used for. Saved from himself, he ended up budding up with Ensigns Jackson Paine and Ensign Sara Flatley, two young officers who had almost done their first two years on board and were ready for promotions and better things; but the three of them because good friends and would offer be seen when not on duty enjoying some downtime in the mess hall and holodecks on all various programs. Captain Cross always said that the morale of the younger officers and even some of the older officers was greatly improved when the recruits all found time to enjoy each other’s company, including those officers who had been on well before they joined.

The Gandhi was based for scientific research, but also for the movement of personnel around the colonies near the Romulan Neutral Zone. They acted like a taxi service, but also a research vessel and patrolling the border. It was fun for Anthony; he got the experience what it was all like, with a relatively easy assignment to begin with. It also gave him time on the bridge, to hone his skills in operational matters. He always took his bridge time seriously and would constantly be in the holodeck just after a simulation test on the bridge, reviewing what had happened and how he could improve. He also took the time to get his physical check-ups done when they were due, somehow always being the first to get them done. It was from all of this, Captain Cross, who was so adamant on quarterly physicals, changed the routine to annual physicals for the Gandhi, but he was impressed by the dedication that Anthony had.

In 2367, the Gandhi was sent to a remote part of the Neutral Zone on an eight-month scientific research assignment, there was something there that Starfleet wanted to check out, and the Gandhi had indicated that it was ready and able to take on the assignment as this would also coincide with the end of some younger and junior officers tour assignments, so they could head back to one of the starbases and offload those officers who were ready for rotation. It would be a very short last year of tour on the Gandhi for many officers, Anthony included. The Borg were coming.

It would be some time before the Borg arrived; the fleet ordered to Wolf 359 by Admiral Hanson, the Gandhi, currently on a scientific research assignment, quickly packed up and went at maximum warp to arrive with the fleet some several hours before the battle began. The Gandhi crew had no idea what was about to happen, they spent those precious hours getting themselves ready, ensuring everything was ready. The Borg, an opponent that many had never seen before would be their biggest test. Not knowing what would happen, the crew had one last meal together in the mess hall, for many of them, and it would be their last meal. Anthony wondered what would be happening.

As the Borg cube arrived in the Wolf system, the fleet was ready. Sitting on the bridge at the back, over watching the systems, ready to make on-the-fly changes as they were needed, offering changes of directions as quickly as the commander needed them; he heard the words “Resistance is futile. You will disarm your weapons and escort us to Sector 001. If you attempt to intervene, we will destroy you.” Anthony shivered slightly. He wasn’t ready to be destroyed; he didn’t want his life to end. It was then, the battle began. Ship after ship were quickly destroyed and disabled. The Gandhi was right in the sights of the cube, but without hesitation, as Captain Cross saw it happen right before his eyes, he ordered everyone to evacuate the ship. At that moment, the cube locked onto the Gandhi and began cutting into the hull. Bulkheads began buckling and breaking. As one bulkhead was cut in two, a large support beam fell; hitting Anthony in the leg, he was trapped!

Lucky enough, as it happened, two officers were behind him and they pulled the beam off him and carried him to the nearest escape pod. The pods blew from the hull, just as the ship was destroyed. It was then that Anthony realized what had happened. The pain hit him.

2368 – 2370 (USS Imperial)
After the hull loss of the USS Gandhi at Wolf 359, Anthony was distraught. He only just left the ship with his life in the balance, after he had been hit with a large beam from the bridge when it was attacked by the Borg Cube, but the doctors at Starfleet Medical looked after him for five months and when he was ready to resume his duties, he spent a few extra sessions with the doctors, just to clear him from the injuries, which seemed to have healed quite nicely, and Anthony got his second chance to serve, this time on the Ambassador class USS Imperial, again in the Operations department. Anthony was apprehensive this time, he tried as much to avoid the bridge, but with counselling sessions, while onboard, he built up a desire to get past the incident, and move forward with his career. He even had a small name plaque for his desk inside his quarters made up; with a quote on the back saying “The past is your lesson. The present is your gift. The future is your motivation”. He reminds himself every single day to be motivated that the future is unknown, that he could be going into danger each day, but to be ready for whatever happens.

The USS Imperial sent out to the depths of space that the Borg cube may have come from, this worried Anthony as he felt that he may have to relive what had happened back at Wolf 359 again. He spent many sessions with the Chief Counselor talking about the incident, reliving it but ultimately understanding that he had to be motivated to get past the incident, face them head-on and be ready for whatever happened. The only thing was that the USS Imperial was off in the wrong direction, they ended up near Cardassian space, and after months of finding nothing, they were reassigned to Cardassian space and patrols along the border, which was well before the DMZ was created but after the Federation-Cardassian Armistice of 2367 had been signed. With the little skirmishes that were still going on, the USS Imperial was kept quite busy throughout the region.

In 2369, Anthony took a bit of extra shoreleave that he had built up, to visit his parents and to be there for his sister, Elisabeth, who was getting married. Anthony was proud to wear his uniform to his sister’s wedding, something she had asked for from the moment he said he was joining Starfleet. Elisabeth was so proud of her older brother, and simply put it, the two of them were as close as any siblings could be. Anthony had time to spend with his family, to let them know he was all safe. It was around this time that his leg began to play up again. He took some extra time away from the USS Imperial to spend at Starfleet Medical to have some more checkups. The staff there again operated on his leg and observed his rehabilitation for six months. This presented Anthony’s command with a problem, as for the last nine months, he had not been serving but that he was on the promotion grid for all the service that he had done in the year previously, as well as his commendation in the line of duty while on the USS Gandhi.

Upon his return to the USS Imperial, Captain Sarah Cartwright felt that she wanted to see more from Anthony and sadly informed him that for the time being, he was off the promotion grid. This didn’t deter Anthony one little bit, he slowly returned to his active duty station and kept pushing along with what he had to do, his assignment was important to him, and as he put it, rank meant very little; he just wanted to get as much experience as possible at the moment, rank would be a factor much later on in his career.

Anthony spent 2370 just sticking it out, working on all different parts of the ship, showing that he was as versatile as he could be that he was worth the effort and that is pulled off the promotion grid last year was not a hindrance to him, but a passion to do even better. Anthony was finally promoted in late 2370, and reassigned to the USS Franklin, when the Assistant Chief position there opened up, while the USS Imperial was on shoreleave at Jupiter Station alongside the USS Franklin. It was at this time he met his future wife, Amber Greyson. She was serving as a medical officer on the starbase and had done a recent checkup on Anthony’s leg when she read his file as he had to get a physical before he could complete his transfer to the USS Franklin. The two of them hit it off very quickly, so much so that Amber even transferred to the USS Franklin as well, so that the two could keep their blossoming relationship going.

2371 – 2374 (USS Franklin)

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After the USS Franklin was almost destroyed, the second time that Anthony had been onboard a starship that was almost part of ending his life, he almost gave up the Starfleet career, but it was Amber who helped him get through it. It was this time that Anthony decided to leave the USS Franklin, he wanted to get away from it all, he didn’t think that he would be able to cope with returning again, as after all; the USS Franklin did limp back to Federation space and was able to be repaired from its battle scars. It was also at this moment that Anthony decided to marry Amber, and the two were wed on November 23, 2374. Amber resigned her commission to become a full-time wife and to follow Anthony on his dreams of becoming a Starfleet Captain.

2375 – 2380 (USS Jupiter)
The USS Jupiter needed a new Chief Operations Officer, and Anthony jumped at the chance, knowing full well that in the midst of the Dominion War, he would most probably be on the front line of seeing the terrible things that war brought to the Federation, that he would be there with his commander and seeing it all for the third time. He knew that if he kept running from the battle, that it would get the best of him and that dream would never eventuate, so taking on the role, he used the support that Amber gave him and made it very clear that what happened, would be whatever was meant to happen.

It just so happened that the USS Jupiter was being sent with the fleet to Cardassia for the final assault, the Battle of Cardassia! This was the final straw; this would be what ended the war. Anthony was ready; he had prepared himself mentally for what was going to be happening. He sat on the bridge the whole time, not leaving his post. He had told his commander that there was not a chance he would be leaving his chair; he would have to be carried out of it before it was all over. This confidence was what Anthony needed, to take something face on and be ready for whatever happened. Not once did Anthony falter from his assignment, and while he saw more than a third of the fleet be destroyed and see too many civilians caught in the crossfire, the mission was a success and the USS Jupiter survived. Anthony wasn’t out of the woods, but he had taken a fear head-on and survived to tell the tale.

With the end of the Dominion War, the USS Jupiter was assigned to some lighter duties, focusing on the shipping lanes around the sol sector, just enjoying some quieter moments, allowing Anthony to take the focus of his career and to take on some other duties around the ship. He took on the bridge officer test, and while he failed the last component of the test twice, on his third attempt at it, he passed. The worst part was that the simulation had Anthony sending none other than his own wife to certain death, it was a situation Anthony hoped he never had to face in real life, but after taking the time to talk about the situation with his commander, he knew that being a commander would be making the tough decisions, something that over time Anthony would learn was all part of the life of a Captain.

He took some time away from the USS Jupiter in 2379 to celebrate his 5th wedding anniversary with Amber. They visited both his parents and her parents, who lived in upstate New York. They hadn’t seen any of their parents since the wedding and questions began circulating about them having children, but both Anthony and Amber felt that at this moment, they didn’t want children, they wanted to enjoy their time together, Anthony had a career and Amber supported him. That was enough for them. Returning to the USS Jupiter in early 2380, Anthony was very surprised to find out that at the next rotation, he would be promoted and for the upcoming year, he would be assigned secondary responsibilities as Second Executive Officer and would be most of the time leading any away teams. It was at this moment when Anthony found out that he would be a father for the first time; Amber was pregnant with their first child. At the age of 46, he was going to be a dad. On December 4, 2380; his son, Edward Chester Richardson was born at Starfleet Medical, after Amber decided to head back to Earth to have their child.

With the ship once again assigned to shipping lanes around Mars, this time, an area where a lot of ships patrolling the area would be boarding ships, checking cargo manifest and detaining criminals, Anthony relished the chance to lead a small command team of his own, even if it was still under the supervision of the commander himself. Anthony took the pride in his work, and the Jupiter circumvented over 20 different criminals trying to smuggle illegals goods and in one case, illegal workers from the outposts around Mars and the outlying colonies. The Jupiter crew was all awarded a special commendation for their efforts. It was around the end of 2380 that Anthony began to discuss his next options, and it was also at that time that his commander, Captain Simon Brown, informed him that there was an Executive Officer position that he felt was best suited to him, the USS Magellan. Taking the time near Christmas to meet with Captain Bernard Peterson, Anthony felt that this was the right call for him and Amber, along with Edward and they departed the USS Jupiter just after New Year’s and after Captain Brown promoted him to the rank of Commander, for him to begin his service as Executive Officer of the USS Magellan.

2381 – 2388 (USS Magellan)
The change from being an operations officer to actually being part of the decision making that comes with being a command-level officer now was a big change for Anthony. He still spent the time in the holodeck when he could be getting ideas from previous Executive Officers, spending the time training himself to make the hard calls, but also when to bring in the commander. He wasn’t fazed at the steep learning curve that he had put himself onto taking on this role.

The Magellan was sent to mediate so many minor world disputes, but one that made Anthony the commander he is today was one to a small planet, that needed a mediator to settle some small disputes. When they arrived, everything seemed all well. It seemed too perfect, which led Captain Brown to wonder what might have been the reason for their arrival but went ahead with the mission nonetheless. As he beamed down with a security team, they were overrun by kidnappers, demanding that the Federation accept them into the UFP, something they had been rejected for several times, with claims that they killed innocent civilians who didn’t agree with the government, but they protested that it was their rights of passage for young men into society. They were going to use Captain Brown and the away team to bargain for their release and their inclusion into the Federation, and after months of stalemates and idle threats, the people never did kill or harm Captain Brown beyond a facial scar which he had forever. It was nothing versus nothing until Anthony went down to the surface and found out the real problem. It seemed there was an ultrasonic pulse wave coming from a deep, deep cavern on the southern part of the continent that was resonating throughout the planet, a sound that was deeply disturbing and annoying for the planet’s inhabitants, and the pulse turned their thoughts and desires against them. That was their reason for what they did, it took weeks to find the cavern, but when they found it; the machine, which was Romulan in nature, was promptly destroyed. The Magellan was ordered to spend the next six months observing these people, and in 2383, they were accepted into the Federation as a protectorate.

After some time in the centre chair, Captain Brown decided to retire, having served for well over 45 years in the fleet, and the last nine as commander of the Magellan. He felt that it was his time and that he wanted to relax now, but when the decision of command came up, he had only one name. Anthony. It was now his chance; it was now his time. Anthony was promoted to Captain in mid-2384 and assumed command of the USS Magellan at the age of 49. He had spent the last 23 years applying his trade, working away at his career and now he had reached the pinnacle of what he wanted out of his Starfleet life. He was now the commander or a starship. It was a bittersweet moment as less than four months after he assumed command, Captain Brown suddenly passed away. The whole crew, many of whom stayed on during the changing of command, were shocked that it had happened, and the ship was even put onto shoreleave a couple of weeks later so that the crew could all attend the funeral. It was a sad moment for Anthony, he had very low crew morale as many of the crew still felt a touch of service to Captain Brown, but they knew that Anthony was their commander as well, but since he was one of them, part of the crew for four years, they knew it was hard on him as well.

The Magellan was assigned to junior roles within the fleet, basic run of the mill transport runs between colonies, and over time, they became known for their speedy service in getting what was needed, and who was needed in different places there without much fuss. They even tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to set the record for the fastest run between Mars and Pollux Colony, missing the mark by only a matter of minutes. It brought the morale up in the crew and they began to be assigned to other missions including an escort mission for the presidential elections in 2385, something the crew were much honoured to have been selected for, as only a handful of ships ever get that honour. It was even more so exciting that after the election was held, they knew they had escorted around the new President-elect.

After eight years serving on the same ship, including the last four as commander himself; he arrived back at Utopia Planetia, and as the Magellan went through a resupply, he wondered what he could see over in the drydock. It was the USS Excalibur, the ship that had been found floating in space, drifting all on its own towards Romulan space, and possibly lost forever. Anthony wished that could be his command, and from then; while on shoreleave, took a keen interest in the Excalibur.

2388 – Present (USS Excalibur)
Anthony, after serving for the past four years as the Commanding Officer of the USS Magellan, wanted something more. He wanted a bigger command, something with more power from the small Sabre class that the Magellan was, and his wishes came true when Starfleet needed a new Excalibur class starship in the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 93, so Anthony took the chance and applied for the transfer to this ship. He was approved and took on command of the USS Excalibur, which had recently gone through a major refit and resupply, so it was practically a brand new ship.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
Starfleet RecruitStarfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
Starfleet RecruitStarfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
Starfleet RecruitStarfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
Starfleet RecruitStarfleet Academy
Junior Operations OfficerUSS Gandhi
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Operations OfficerUSS Imperial
Operations OfficerUSS Imperial
Lieutenant Commander
Assistant Chief Operations OfficerUSS Franklin
Lieutenant Commander
USS JupiterChief Operations Officer
USS MagellanExecutive Officer
USS MagellanCommanding Officer
USS ExcaliburCommanding Officer