Captain Andrea Roivas

PERSONALITY OVERVIEW As a leader, Andrea leans toward the archetype of a “kind disciplinarian.” While she expects professionalism and a level of decorum in the thick of it, she will certainly take a more relaxed stance with her crew when merited. She has an earned reputation of being a hard ass, as she’s had a career on the frontlines of various wars and skirmishes. That being said, Andrea has a tender side, and to some of her crew (some would say her favorites, although she is loath to admit as much herself,) she can even be somewhat matronly, and loves to encourage professional and personal growth.



DOB: 07/14/2349

Andrea had a childhood that she would describe as “filled with love but largely uneventful.” Her parents were both Starfleet officers, so she spent much of her young life aboard various starships, though their primary residence was in Armstrong City, on Earth’s Moon.

Upon graduating from her primary schooling, Andrea applied for and was accepted into Starfleet Academy, majoring in Tactics, in order to put her on a track for Security and Tactical. In her first year, the battle of Wolf 359 took both her parents from her. Her grades significantly dropped, and rather than expel her, she was ordered to take a semester off, stay on campus, and attend grief counseling.

Her senior year at the Academy was spent as a midshipman aboard the USS Monitor, a Galaxy class starship. It was somewhat overwhelming for a fresh young cadet, and she struggled to fit in aboard such a large ship. Nonetheless, she served enthusiastically, and upon graduating and receiving her Ensign’s pip, she was stationed as a permanent part of the crew. She would spend the next 2 years aboard, serving as a relief tactical and security officer.

In 2373, the Dominion War began. She was promoted to Lt(jg), and the Monitor was called to action in the Bajor sector. A frequent bridge duty rotation officer and security officer by this point, she saw action in many away teams, and in many of the large battles of the War. She was praised highly for her unique approach to tactics, and for being able to frequently (though not always) outfox the Dominion when she needed to push through, or beat a hasty retreat.

In 2375, at the close of the war, Andrea was promoted to full Lieutenant, and re-stationed aboard the USS Zephyr, an Akira class vessel, as the Chief Tactical and Security Officer. She found this post to be somewhat boring, as frequently the duty of the day was to provide covering fire for the fighter squadron aboard. Additionally, the ship was stationed along the Cardassian DMZ, which meant that aside from the occasional skirmish, it was a “milk-run” of a command. Nonetheless, she garnered what experience she could, and consistently requested a transfer to a different vessel.

In 2382 her wish was finally granted. She was promoted to LtCdr and was stationed aboard the USS California, an Insignia class starship. This station was much more her style, largely due to the ship’s impressive array of weaponry for an explorer. A year into her command, the ship’s XO received his own command, and she was promoted to his place. She served as the XO of the ship for an additional 7 years, which at the time was considered somewhat odd. It was during this time, while commanding frequent away teams and taking personal command of the ship during many skirmishes along the border of the Romulan and Cardassian Empires, that she earned the nickname “Iron Ass” from her crew, and less flattering nicknames from her enemies in battle. The Romulan and Cardassian governments had been at each other’s’ throats for centuries, and the California’s mandate was to protect Federation interests in the slim highway of space between them.

In 2389, Andrea was offered command of the USS Ride, a Vesta class starship which was freshly commissioned, and promoted to Captain. The Ridewas to be staffed entirely by the office of personnel, and sent into the far reaches of the Gamma Quadrant, to assist one of the Federation’s newest allies: The Dominion.


2367 – 2370 / Starfleet Academy / Cadet 1 – Cadet 3

2370 – 2375 / USS Monitor / Cadet 4 – Lt(jg)

2375 – 2382 / USS Zephyr / Lt

2382 – 2389 / USS California / LtCdr

Current / USS Ride/ Capt