Lieutenant Junior Grade Dutch Mogun


Dutch Mogun has a tall and slender, yet athletic build. His short, jet black hair contrasts his deep blue eyes and almost pale white skin. Due to both of his parents being dead and having no siblings, Dutch sees Starfleet as his family and feels that he belongs to it. Because of this he is rarely found out of uniform unless it is absolutely prudent.

Dutch is a bit of an enigma. His the sort of person that you can never quite figure out what he is going to say or how he will react to something. He believes that in a combat or tactical situation, ordered chaos is superior to any well thought out plan. How can the enemy predict your movements if you yourself don’t even know what you will do. He is also the type of man who believes that the ends justify the means and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

In personal situations he has very little self awareness. He means well, but often doesn’t care or notice how he might come across to other people. Quiet, yet not shy. Can be obsessive when it comes to his work. His quarters and every one of his work environments is incredibly well organized. He has a specific place for everything and the placement of objects on his desk is memorized. He is also very proud of being in Starfleet and is never out of uniform, even when its not required.

Dutch Mogun was born on the Planet Earth in the Nebraska area. His father, a Lieutenant in the Starfleet Marines was killed in a classified incident when he was an infant. Mogun was then raised by his single mother on a small farm where they lived happily for many years. The life was hard but it was the kind of work that Dutch enjoyed.

When Dutch was around 16 years old, he had expressed an interest in joining Starfleet. His mother was abhorrent to this idea and refused to allow it. Two years later his mother passed away of natural causes, and with nothing left keeping him on the farm he joined Starfleet shortly after.

He enlisted at the age of 18 and after basic training was assigned to Deep Space Station K-7, along the Klingon Border as an Intelligence Analyst. It was a boring, repetitive, and unappreciated job, but Dutch excelled in his work anyways earning promotion twice in 4 years. Once his contract was up, Dutch returned back to Earth where he immediately applied to Starfleet Academy. He failed his first attempt to gain entrance to the Academy, but was accepted on his second try.

Dutch was an average student, he excelled in Cyber Ops, Information Operations and Military tactics, and received average grades in piloting, but found the sciences and medical fields completely beyond his comprehension and more importantly, his interest.

Upon graduation he was quickly assigned to Heyerdahl Space Station.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Petty Officer 1st Class
Intelligence AnalystDeep Space Station K-7
Cadet Senior Grade
Officer Training ProgramStarfleet Academy
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Director of Strategic OperationsHeyerdahl Station