Lieutenant Junior Grade Olivia O’Riley

Olivia is one of very few Drax outside her home system, the daughter of one of the Drax Ambassadors & a member of the ruling family line although she doesn’t care for the hype that goes with it. She’s empathic & telepathic (think Betazoid but stronger) she’s a fully trained Counsellor & Operations married to the station’s Strategic Operations Officer Timothy O’Riley.


Olivia is one of very few Drax outside the Drax system beside ambassadorial parties, her family’s links to the ruling line of Drax were always impressed upon her from an early age but she developed an interest in Starfleet during an ambassadorial trip with her mother and she promised herself she’d enrol at the Academy one day once she’d learned how to properly control her empathic and telepathic gifts.

Olivia spent her fair share of time visiting medical facilities as she grew up thanks to the stresses of learning to control her telepathy & empathy which has left her nervous of visiting doctors something that she does her best not to let influence her. Had it not been her decision to leave Drax for Starfleet Olivia would have been enrolled at her homeworld’s version of the academy to train to serve either in the military or other forces at the wish of her parents, something she had no interest in doing.

Olivia is hoping that Starfleet may have medical methods to help her have a baby one day, having been seriously injured during an Ambassadorial excursion with her mother doctors on Drax were of the opinion that she would never be able to have children but she isn’t ready to accept that just yet.

Whilst at the academy Olivia met & fell in love with fellow cadet Timothy the two were the a-typical almost inseparable romantic couple but when having children was mentioned Olivia was unable to face telling Tim (known to Olivia as TJ) the truth so she accepted her first assignment away from the academy leaving TJ behind, she has regretted the decision ever since. Now Timothy has been assigned to Heyerdahl station he & Olivia have been given a second chance. Olivia is currently pregnant with Twins.

Thanks to Starfleet Olivia is now a fully trained Counsellor and puts that training to good use when necessary, starting out in the role of Counsellor she decided to transfer to her other interest Operations and couldn’t resist a transfer to Heyerdahl station as Systems Operation Lead.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Operations OfficerUSS Babylon
CounsellorUSS Nimitz
Assistant CounsellorUSS Saratoga
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Operations/Assistant Operations OfficerUSS Saratoga
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Systems Operation LeadHeyerdahl Station