Commander Soto Nabaal

Soto was earmarked for the command of one of the United Earth Space Probe Agency explorer ships early on in the development cycle. Whilst he would not be the first to leave, he would have been the first to go in that particular direction up along the spiral arm. But then war broke out, and the UESPA was transformed into the United Earth Stellar Navy. From explorer to a defender in as long as it took the ink on his orders to dry. Over two years of fighting has seen him survive ships being blown up from under him, to the successful downing of fourteen enemy combatants in a dozen star systems. With that many wins under his belt, he is either a lucky son of a bitch or an agent of death. Because the Fleet doesn't get a win on the cheap, and meat is more easy to replace than metal.


Soto Nabaal was born and raised on Luna. It was a quiet life, all told, and soon a young man looked to the stars for something other than grey stone walls and the same to day routine. The allure of distant shores and far horizons called him first Earth and her crushing 1 gee of gravity, but soon grew accustomed to it he looked up to the bright stars of the heavens.

A month after Explorer 1 launched towards the galactic core on a ten-year voyage of discovery Soto was tapped by the United Earth Space Probe Agency to command Explorer 5. The mission wouldn’t launch for another five years, but that was time enough to train up a crew and prepare to bid farewell to home.

A year into the train cycle news of the attack on Leonis Eta arrived, and Soto’s life like so many others changed for the worse.

The pair of half-completed Explorer class ships were rushed into war refitting, and the factories and shipyards retooled to begin making the first Archer-class corvettes and Artemis frigates. They were armed with laser cannons and nuclear missiles, not telescopes and ground penetrating radar. But when the Romulan’s came for Groombridge and Ross 128, they stood their ground and burned metal to keep the raptors from their prize.

Soto was there at both engagements and after that a dozen more at least. Every large battle of the war to date Soto has witnessed first hand. When Admiral Strucker’s flagship the Cochrane went up Soto was one of four survivors whose escape pods survived the after battle cleansing the Romulan’s preform: no prisoners, no survivors. Now he stands ready to fight with a new ship and company.