Rear Admiral James Ryan

A long time servant of Task Force 21, in mid 2384, Rear Admiral James Ryan was Task Force Commander of the 4th Fleet's Task Force 17. After a short stint in office, Admiral Ryan decided to transfer back to Earth and served as the Adjutant of the Starfleet Commander in Chief, Fleet Admiral Alynna Nechayev. Admiral Ryan's past commands include the USS Miranda, Starbase 565 and the USS Prometheus. He now holds the office of Task Force Executive Officer for the 4th Fleet's Task Force 9, from their Headquarters on Deep Space 11.


It was a young, fresh faced James Ryan that waltzed through the doors of Starfleet Academy one early morning in September 2356. With an air of excitement but a sense of trepidation inside, James was eager to take on the challenge of starting his career in the Security field, but before he could, he had several weeks of basic training to get through first. It would be early November before Ryan would take his first tactical and security focused classes.

His first year saw the Cadet undergo many different training exercises both in the field and in the classroom, but in both he excelled. It wasn’t until his second year that he got out on to a Starship for a training cruise. He joined several members of his year group from different divisions aboard the Starship Cheyenne, the first ship of her class, as the ship traveled towards the Romulan Neutral Zone. During the cruise there and back to Earth, the cadets gained valuable experience working night shifts, gaining on the job training with department heads and even having lectures given to them by the command staff of the ship.

His third year focused significantly on awareness of current tactics and situations where they would be used, logging many hours in the holodeck and earning grades and merits of distinction for doing so. Then, the final month of the academic year saw the cadets begin to prepare for their final year.

In a year consisting of assessments, intense field training, live fire exercises and classroom based tuition. As the month of July rolled round, the cadets crammed in last minute revision for their final exams. In July, the cadets completed their final exams and celebrated their successful completion of the Academy.

As the Cadets became Ensigns, many went for a sabbatical before accepting their first posting, but James accepted the offer of Relief Tactical Officer aboard the Cheyenne Class USS Okinawa. In 2362, the Okinawa responded to the Massacre on Setlik III, arriving just an hour after the USS Routledge, but far too late to render any assistance. During the incident, Ensign Ryan beamed to the planet as part of a relief detail and saw first hand, the brutalities of the Cardassian Union.

His posting to the Okinawa ended in mid 2364 when he was offered promotion to Lieutenant JG aboard the newer New Orleans’ class ship, the Aristotle. The Aristotle was dispatched to Wolf 359 in 2366 as part of the fleet to engage the Borg, but engineering trouble prevented the ship from arriving in time for the battle – somewhat luckily. She then spent several years patrolling the Cardassian Border and was one of the first ships to arrive at the planet Bajor following the Cardassian withdrawal in 2369. Whilst there, the Lieutenant led several relief teams to the planet, aiding in providing security for medical and engineering details dispatched to the planets surface.

Once the Starship Enterprise arrived and the Federation took control of Deep Space Nine, the Aristotle departed the area for Starbase 375. It was at the station that James took his next promotion, transferring to the USS Potemkin. His tour of duty on the Potemkin saw him meet Luke Duncan and Svetlana Kerchev for the first time. The Potemkin spent a lot of time around the Cardassian Border and the Demilitarised Zone, conducting countless patrols and escort duties, even facing off with Cardassian vessels on several occasions, whilst also dealing with the Maquis. James spent several months in 2372 as Acting Chief of Security/Tactical when his department head suffered an injury and was placed on Medical Leave. When his superior did return in early 2373,just prior to the outbreak of the Dominion War, Ryan was offered a transfer and promotion to the Akira Class USS Ticonderoga.

The Ticonderoga fought in nearly every major battle of the Dominion War and Lt. Commander Ryan was at Tactical for all of them, with the Battle of Ricktor Prime being the only major engagement the ship missed. The ship was heavily damaged the First Battle of Chin’toka and then, later at the Battle of Cardassia, the ship eventually being towed back to Deep Space 9 for repairs. Whilst on the Ticonderoga, sometime between the First and Second Battles of Chin’toka, Ryan engaged in a romantic relationship with Svetlana Kerchev.

As the Federation counted its losses and licked its wounds, Starfleet had the need to fill vacant positions around the fleet. Experienced command officers were in short supply, whilst junior officers were being pushed through the ranks. Commander Ryan was offered some additional training at Starfleet Command if he agreed to transfer to the command division and accept the posting of Executive Officer aboard the new Nebula Class USS Yorktown. He accepted and spent several weeks at Starfleet Command whilst the Yorktown underwent final construction. At Starfleet Command, he met up with a friend, Luke Duncan, but the two soon fell out and became rivals. Just after his acceptance to the Yorktown, James found out that he had become a father, with Svetlana giving birth to a baby, Kelly, named after his deceased sister. She also gave the girl the Ryan surname despite the pair not being married.

Upon completion of his command course, Commander Ryan joined the crew of the Yorktown as the ship was launched and dispatched to transfer medical supplies and engineering equipment to the new Cardassian allies on Chin’toka. The ship spent the next few years travelling around Cardassian space, rendering assistance where required in the aftermath of the war. Wherever the Yorktown went, Commander Ryan led missions of all kinds, building up quite a reputation for himself. So much so, that in 2380, the Commander was head hunted for command of a new Starship of his own.

Starfleet Command had become invested in a region of space known as the Raeyan Sector, in the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant and needed personnel for the ships assigned to Task Force 21 of the 4th Fleet. James Ryan accepted command of the Kelvin Class USS Miranda and met up with his new crew at Utopia Planitia before heading for Sector 611 and the C’hakilian border. In November 2380 there were a number of skirmishes with C’hakilian forces along the border. The USS Odyssey responded to a distress call from the USS Miranda. The Miranda had fortified a military presence on a planet in the neutral zone. The ship was destroyed but the crew rescued. As the Miranda had been in his task group, then Captain Luke Duncan met with the ship’s commanding officer, Captain James Ryan. Their meeting did not go well as Luke accused Ryan of disobeying several general orders, protocols and rules that Starfleet had set out for their commanding officers. Ryan was later court martialed for his actions with Luke serving as one of the witnesses.

Captain Ryan was ruled to have been justified in his actions and was returned to command of a Starship. A Charleston Class ship was undergoing some final tests and was officially named the USS Miranda. At the start of 2382 James Ryan and Luke Duncan, with other commanding officers from Task Force 21, commanded a task group on an assault against a group of C’hakilians. This group had been evicted from their government and designated as the people responsible for the attacks against the Federation the year before. The operation was successful for the combined Federation-Klingon task force. However on the way back to Federation space and the two Captain’s received some sad news from the USS Akagi. Rear Admiral Jeff Murdock, their immediate superior, had passed away after being infected by a virus from an ancient civilisation which was now plaguing the C’hakilians. The loss of a mentor and leader affected both men badly. James and Luke took responsibility for leading the memorial and funeral service for their fallen leader on Kovar Colony. Following the service, Vice Admiral Sy’Pol contacted the two men and informed them of Starfleet’s decision to temporarily assign Duncan as Task Force 21’s Commanding Officer with Ryan as his executive officer. At this time, and with hostilities with the C’hakilians coming to an end, Duncan and Ryan finally ended their petty differences and focussed on providing stability in the region.

Whilst the Miranda transferred out of Sector 611 in late 2383, Commodore Ryan would remain in command until mid 2385 when he was transferred to Starfleet Tactical to serve as the Adjutant of the Director, and eventually, as Deputy Director at the rank of Rear Admiral. It was whilst he served at Starfleet Tactical that the Admiral became an acquaintance of Admiral Necheyev, the Starfleet CinC. It was at her request that the Admiral agreed to accompany Admiral Gordon Evans to Cardassia to work as a Special Envoy and as Liaison to Starfleet Command.

Whilst on assignment to Cardassia, news of Vice Admiral James Holmes resigning as Task Force Commander of Task Force 47 in the Gavarian Corridor, became common knowledge and Starfleet sought a replacement. The Andorian, Rear Admiral Thalek th’Zorati was put in to place as TFCO, Rear Admiral James Ryan, was able to return to Federation space and take the office of Task Force Executive Officer.

Come 2389, the Admiral had taken some leave from Starfleet and eventually returned with an offer of a fresh start out in the Gamma Quadrant as Task Force Executive Officer under Admiral Lauren Archer.