Cadet Freshman Grade Alex Drake

Alex Drake is a cadet at Starfleet Academy's Bajor campus. An ambitious young man aiming for the command path, his background growing up in New Sydney and mostly away from the Federation's influence presents some challenges to this goal - and unique insights.


Alex Drake was born on New Sydney, beyond Federation borders, and on the lowest of the planet’s social rungs. His father was a trader who left the planet not long after the birth of his younger brother Will, and while he kept in touch with his sons, he never played much of a role in their upbringing. They were raised by their mother Ashley, who drifted between menial service jobs to keep the family afloat.

She also did her best to make sure her sons were educated. This came first with making sure there were books in the home, and setting aside money for schooling at a young age, and then with enthusiasm and encouragement for the boys. She herself had little education, but was an intelligent and hard-working woman who wanted better for her family. Younger brother Will absorbed little of his mother’s encouragement, but Alex understood this was his path to a better life. He worked hard from a young age, in school when he could afford it and educating himself when he couldn’t.

Their mother died when Alex was fifteen, a foray into industrial work meeting a tragic end. While this cemented Will’s descent into the street gangs of New Sydney to flourish, Alex was determined to leave the planet. Keeping in studies as much as he could while taking petty work to support himself, he also tried to save money for passage off-world. He had some luck in meeting a trader friend of his father’s, who took him on as a deckhand – but only needed one more crew. Alex tried to wrangle a space for Will, but his younger brother had settled into his new lifestyle, and the brothers parted on poor terms after a rough argument.

His new employment brought Alex into Federation space, with a chance to continue bettering himself. With access to some remote learning on board the freighter, picking up classes in schools at starbases and colonies, he spent the next two years at the fringe of civilization, and working towards the institution he’d seen uphold opportunity and equality throughout: Starfleet. Despite a patchy education, he excelled in the aptitude tests when he applied for the Academy, and took on the extra study material they sent him to catch up when accepted.