Captain Milo Tora

Former Chief Engineering Officer on the U.S.S Potemkin, Commander Tora has served the Federation for nearly 15 years. His career started in 2374 with a field commission in the Federation Marine Corps. He served with distinction during the Dominion War, participating in several major battles, as well as many covert missions with Starfleet Intelligence. In 2380, Tora opted to transfer to Starfleet, but retained a reserve commission in the Marines.


Milo Tora was born on the planet Drago IV in the Draconis system on Stardate 89162.6 (2/29/2412).  His genetic profile identified him as a candidate for the Imperial Ranger Corps candidate program. He placed in candidate school for the Imperial Ranger Corps at the age of six months.  Candidates for the Imperial Ranger Corps were raised in a high gravity environment (approximately five times that of Earth’s), in order to promote stronger muscles and bones.  From the time they could walk, candidates were submitted to rigorous regiment of mental and physical training.  Additionally, at the age of four, they began a genetic augmentation program that lasted a period of six years.  With the genetic alterations complete at the age of ten, the training increased drastically.  Candidates were trained in every form of combat, with every weapon, every intelligence gathering/tracking technique, and every infiltration method known to the Empire.  In addition to their general combat training, candidates were tested for specific areas of aptitude and given additional rigorous training these areas.  Milo showed an exceptional aptitude for engineering.

On Stardate 98801.4 (10/20/2421), the Romulan-Cardassian Alliance launched a devastating first strike against the Arkadian Empire, decimating fourteen Imperial colonies.  Billions of Arkadians were killed.  The Alliance issued the Empire an ultimatum: Cease all negotiations with the Federation, or suffer the consequences.

On Stardate 98900.0 (11/25/2421) the Arkadian Empire signed a non-aggression and mutual aid treaty with the Federation.  The Romulan-Cardassian Alliance responded by declaring war on the Empire.

Milo graduated from the Imperial Ranger Corps Candidate School on Stardate 104661.7 (8/30/2427) with top honors and was formally inducted into the Ranger Guard, the most elite unit within the Corps. A few weeks later, he arrived at his first posting, a peacekeeping mission on the Imperial World of Tarkaniss.  A detachment of Ranger Guardsmen had been requested by the Governor to aid the local police force in suppressing a local group of militant insurgents and Milo’s unit, formed primarily of recent graduates, was sent on what they considered a babysitting mission.

Only the babysitting mission turned out to be a trap. The Governor was a Romulan sympathizer and had secretly allowed a large contingent of Romulan and Cardassian forces to garrison on the planet. Milo and his unit were ambushed as soon as the Imperial cruiser that had brought them there left the system. Only a handful of men survived. Milo was grievously injured, ultimately losing his right eye and arm. This encounter started his deep-seated hatred for Romulans and Cardassians.

Several years of intense combat missions followed. Milo lost many of his closest friends during the war. On Stardate 109055.5 (1/21/2432), he took command of the Imperial destroyer McKinley after the captain and first officer were killed and led the remains of the Imperial fleet a last-ditch effort to stop a Romulan counter-attack from breaking the back of the last surviving Federation forces. He was successful, despite the McKinley being damaged beyond repair during the engagement.  The Battle of the Omicron Drift proved to be a critical turning point in the War.

A little over a year later, Milo was returning from a wedding on Bajor when the Starfleet transport vessel he was traveling on was attacked by a Borg tactical sphere. Though the ship suffered heavy damage and casualties, he managed to destroy the sphere, but in the process tears a hole in space-time sending the remains of his vessel 58 years into the past of a parallel universe.

A Starfleet vessel on a routine patrol of the Cardassian boarder discovered the wreckage and rescued Milo. He had been adrift for over a month and survived by scavenging Borg corpses. He had no memory of who he was or how he got there. Starfleet investigated the .87 light-year cubed region of space that contained the debris field from the unidentified Federation vessel but found no ‘black box’.  Among the debris a significant amount of Borg wreckage was also discovered.  Analysis determined that a small Borg sphere was destroyed when the Federation vessel jettisoned its warp core and deliberately detonated it.

Milo arrived at Starbase 375 for medical treatment on Stardate 51331 (5/2/2374). He was released from treatment a week later and was referred to Doctor Harriet Novar for follow up care and observation on the USS Columbus. While on the Nobel, he was questioned, examined, and tested extensively by Starfleet Intelligence. Having recovered and decrypted portions of his personnel files from the wreckage, they believed he would be an effective weapon to wield against the Dominion and their allies.

When Starfleet Intelligence approached Milo with the opportunity to fight the Cardassians and their Dominion allies, he felt compelled to accept, though he didn’t know why. On Stardate 51479.5 (6/25/2374) he was given a field commission in the Federation Marine Corps and was assigned to Starfleet Intelligence, Division of Special Operations.  Participating in numerous operations against the Dominion and its allies, Tora quickly proved his mettle, becoming known as one of Starfleet’s best Spec Ops Commandos ever.

In the months following the end of the war, Milo experiences severe difficulties reintegrating into society, ultimately culminating in an emotional break down. After passing a 30-day mandatory clinical evaluation, he was offered and accepted an extended leave of absence by Starfleet Command due to his exemplary service record.

On Stardate 58447.6 (6/13/2381) Milo returned to Earth after several years of wandering.  Resigned that he would never regain his memories, he requested to be reinstated and placed in the field. Two weeks later, he passed his medical and psychiatric evaluations and was cleared for active duty by Starfleet Medical.  Rather than return to active duty immediately, he opted instead to take the Starfleet Academy entrance examinations. His results were off the charts, indicating a level of education well beyond that of an Academy graduate.

Accepting a transfer and a commissioned rank of Ensign, Starfleet Command assigned Milo to the USS Potemkin as an Assistant Engineering Officer, confident that Captain Mitchell will have use for his ‘unique’ abilities, training, experience, and skills.

On Stardate 59247.3 (4/1/2382), Milo was promoted Lieutenant, Junior Grade and Assistant Chief Engineering Officer.

On Stardate 60256.1 (4/4/2383), Milo is promoted to Lieutenant, First Class.

On Stardate 61328.8 (4/30/2384), Milo was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Chief Engineering Officer.

On Stardate 62738.3 (9/27/2385), Milo was promoted to Commander and assigned as Second Officer after passing the Bridge Officer’s Test.

On Stardate 64091.3 (2/3/2387), Milo was offered command of the USS Columbus.

On Stardate 64111.0 (2/10/2387), Milo takes command of the Columbus and her nearly two year-long refit.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Starfleet Intelligence Special OperativeClassified
Lieutenant Colonel
Starfleet Intelligence Special OperativePersonal Leave
Assistant Engineering OfficerUSS Potemkin
23822383Lieutenant Junior GradeAssistant Chief Engineering OfficerUSS Potemkin
23832384LieutenantAssistant Chief Engineering OfficerUSS Potemkin
23842385Lieutenant CommanderChief Engineering OfficerUSS Potemkin
Chief Engineering Officer and Second OfficerUSS Potemkin
Commanding OfficerUSS Columbus