Chief Petty Officer Wes Cullen


Wes grew up on the Lunar colony of New Berlin. His parents run a bar near the starport so he grew up listening to the tall tales of the older freighter captains and Young Starfleet officers on leave. He spent much of his youth helping out, cleaning up after the annual Mazurka Festival, fixing the replicators, even serving drinks once he was a bit older.

When Wes turned 18 he decided to apply for Starfleet academy, much to the relief of his parents who feared he would join the first freighter off planet. The Academy was a wake up call, Wes had applied for Engineering hoping that would see him posted on a starship instead of a starbase. However he spent too much of his time taking optional tactical courses and programs and almost flunked out his first year. After his dreams almost slipped away Wes realized that Starfleet was going to be hard work. He refocused his efforts away from his fantasies of first contacts and away mission alongside the Captain to the daunting task of keeping a starship running.

Wes managed to improve his scores over the next two years at the academy but was far from a model Cadet. He tended to run his mouth and grew resentful of the Cadets who continued to outscore him. Convinced his poor scores would see him trapped at a starbase while the others would be off on cutting edge cruisers on the edge of known space. His bar background had made him fairly popular with his classmates, but often found him on the disciplinary list.

His final year at the Academy almost ended in disaster. During his training cruise the ship traveled too close to an ion storm and overloaded some systems. Wes attempted to reroute the excess power away despite the warning from the Chief Engineer, a plasma conduit blew burning a Cadet who was attempting to remove him from a clearly dangerous situation. Wes blamed himself for the cadet’s injuries and almost quit the Academy. After all a man he barely knew almost died because of him, how many more was he willing to risk?

It took a bit of soul searching but Wes decided that quitting would have made that act of bravery been for nothing. He decided that he needed to start paying back all the faith Starfleet had put into him over his time in the Academy, to but aside the bitterness he felt.

Wes’ first assignment out of the Academy was the USS Cavalry, shortly after arriving a saboteur damaged the engines and killed a few senior crewmembers and injured even more, including the Chief Engineer. Thrown into crisis Wes emerged as a de facto leader among the department and Wes starting to put his guilt behind him. This changed when the saboteur was revealed to be another engineer that Wes had trusted sending him spiralling into depression.

During his search for an escape he found a love of tinkering with the Cavalry’s small craft, even designing a field refit for the venerable Peregrine making it more suitable for interceptor work. This caught the attention of the Advanced Starship Design Bureau who put him to work on fighter designs.

Still yearning for adventure Wes has recently requested a return to fleet duty.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Petty Officer 3rd Class
Engineering OfficerUSS Cavalry
Petty Officer 1st Class
Engineerthe Advanced Starship Design Bureau