Lieutenant William Blake

Lieutenant William Blake currently serves as the Chief Intelligence Officer aboard the USS Cavalry. He began his career in Security serving aboard the USS Venture prior to attending Advanced Tactical Training and serving with the Rapid Response Teams. He ended his tenure with the Rapid Response Teams after the death of his wife. His father-in-law offered him a position at Starfleet Command in the Office of Starfleet Intelligence where he has spent the last five and half years. He has just arrived at his new assignment aboard the USS Cavalry.


William Anthony Blake was born 1 June 2360 to Robert and Janice (nee Walters) Blake in a Laramie County, Wyoming. He group up on a horse ranch and learned to ride almost before he could walk. He went on many camping trips with his family, as well as, hunting trips with his brothers, father and grandfather. He was a crack shot with long arms and developed his side arm skills by putting down rattlesnakes in or near the barn and corral.


William developed an early fondness for literature, especially mysteries and actions novels. Sherlock Holmes novels taught him that the use of deductive reasoning can solve many problems. Many action novels described the exploits of various military and paramilitary heroes. He also read many non-fiction material regarding military history.


William was your stereo typical teen aged athlete. He was Captain of the football team who dated the Head cheerleader. However, unlike many of his jock buddies, he did not bully the ‘brains’. He spent a great deal with the brainy kids as a matter of fact. He wanted to attend Starfleet Academy when he graduated and knew he would need exceptional academic achievements in addition to his very athletic victories on the playing field.


William left for Starfleet Academy the day after his seventeenth birthday. He was young and cocky, but extraordinarily gifted. It was however the former traits that brought him to the attention of the Academy Commandant.


William was walking across campus one day his first year and spotted a beautiful young lady chasing a scarf on a windy day. The scarf fluttered up and got stock on the tallest flag pole just outside the main administrative building. He offered to climb the flag pole and retrieve the scarf if the young lady agreed to give him her name and go for coffee with him at the canteen.


Karina Robertson paused to consider the offer, but as the scarf was a gift from her father, she reluctantly agreed. William was up the flag pole in a flash, but slipped several times. He finally made it to the scarf and a large crowd had gathered to witness the event. He came sliding down the pole like a fireman responding to a five alarm fire, launching from the pole for the last several meters to land in front of her.


Karina graciously accepted the scarf just as an older man cleared his throat behind her. William looked up to see Rear Admiral Kevin Robertson, the Superintendent of Starfleet Academy staring phaser beams at both of them. Both Karina and William found themselves in the admiral’s office moments later. William waiting outside the door preparing himself for his first, and quite possibly last, dressing down by a flag officer with a subsequent dismissal from the Academy.


William entered Rear Admiral Robertson’s office when he was called in. He saw the Superintendent nodding ruefully at Karina before turning to William and sighing loudly. Fate was going to be kind to William and nearly four years later, a week after his graduation, he and Karina (nee Robertson) were Mr. and Mrs. Blake.


The Blake couple had a romantic honeymoon on Risa before William’s need to report aboard the USS Venture. He knew it would be six months before Karina would be allowed to join him, but news she was pregnant with the first child allowed him to be granted a waiver. She joined him at the end of his second month. Their daughter, Kara Blake was born aboard ship on 8 March 2381. William’s happiest day of his life had been when he had married Karina, but even that did not hold a candle to holding his daughter for the first time.


William distinguished himself a year later when he saved the life of Captain Trenton on an away mission. He was providing general security for a mediation conference when radicals from one of the factions attacked the summit. His actions not only saved the Captain of the Venture, but several of the delegates from both factions. He served out the rest of his tour aboard the USS Venture and was told that due to his exemplary service, he was slotted to attend Starfleet’s Advanced Tactical Training back on Earth.


William’s first six months at the ATT were a grueling ordeal of physical exertion and very little sleep, not to mention no time to spend with his family, but after graduating Basic Rapid Response Team training and moving on to the Advanced Rapid Response Officer Course and Probationary Team Integration phase, he was allowed to live at their off-post housing.


William was with the Rapid Response Teams for three years, the first eighteen months as a Team Squad Leader/Deputy Platoon Commander, and his final eighteen months as a Platoon Commander. He deployed on many operations, mostly hostage/prisoner rescues both in and out of Federation space. He received word while aboard the USS Providence that his wife had contracted an incurable disease. He was rushed back to Earth and placed on administrative leave as his wife lay in the hospital dying.


William buried his wife on 22 Jan 2388 at Jefferson Barrack National Cemetery in Karina’s hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri. He and Kara spent the next three months with his family in Wyoming and the last two months of his administrative leave in San Francisco at the Roberson home. He gave a lot of thought to resigning his commission, but his father in law (now a Vice Admiral) offered him a garrison assignment on Earth with Starfleet Intelligence. He reluctantly accepted.


William has spent the last five and a half years as an analyst, deploying aboard various starships for short durations to evaluate said vessels intelligence staffs. Kara has remained on Earth the entire time living with her father, but staying at a grandparent’s home during the short deployments her father would have to go on.


Kara noticed over the last several years her father deeply missed her mom, but also missed serving Starfleet in an active role. A talk with her maternal grandfather got him to reluctantly approve William’s assignment as Chief Intelligence Officer aboard the USS Cavalry before he (VAdm. Robertson) retired from Starfleet.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Security/Tactical OfficerUSS Venture
Rapid Response Team CandidateAdvanced Tactical Training
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Rapid Response Squad Leader/Deputy Platoon Commander2nd Platoon, Beta Troop, Seventh Rapid Response Team
Rapid Response Team Platoon Commander5th Platoon, Gamma Troop, Seventh Rapid Response Team
Intelligence AnalystOffice of Starfleet Intelligence
Chief Intelligence OfficerUSS Cavalry