Lieutenant Mara Ricci

Mara is cold and bitter on the surface, but if anyone takes the time to get to know her, they will find her to be friendly- if a bit stand-offish- and fiercely loyal. She can come off as snobbish, but really, she just extremely introverted. She has no time for prejudices or people who hold them. Conversely, though, she is irritated by people who actually live up to their stereotypes. (Ex. Cardassian jerks, violent Klingons, money hungry Ferengi, etc.) She likes people to break their molds and do something unexpected.


Mara was born in Italy, not far from Mount Etna. Being the 9th of nine children, one would expect her to be spoiled, but perhaps the large age gap (of 12 years) between she and her next oldest brother, Mark, has something to do with her independent streak. Having been born only 2 months ahead of her oldest sister’s daughter, Mara has a lifelong friend in her niece Francesca- or Francie- who is more like a sister to her. They went to school together, double dated in secondary school and even signed up for Starfleet Academy together, Mara in engineering and Francesca in flight control.

It was in secondary school that Mara began to get the idea that men only wanted to date her for her body. She had not been popular- though certainly not a pariah, either- and her sudden popularity with the opposite sex at first flattered her. However, after her first steady boyfriend dumped her because she would not sleep with him, she decided that none of them were any good. Francie tried to tell her that not all guys only wanted one thing, but Mara would not listen. To this day, she gives men cold glares if they stare at her over long.

In the academy, she excelled in her studies, quickly earning the reputation of “brilliant” from her peers. One of her classmates, Remy Boudrie, asked her for some help in studying. At first, she thought he was only handing her a line, but it became quickly apparent that he was sincere in wanting to do better in his engineering classes. The two became fast friends and even dated briefly before graduating and being assigned to different ships. Mara was thinking about resigning her commission so she could be with Remy when he was killed in a tragic accident. Francie told her in a letter that it was fate telling her that she was meant to be where she was, but Mara countered that fate was cruel and just wanted her to be miserable. After a few months, she got over this slight from Fate and realized that she would never have been happy if she weren’t an engineer and it would have been stupid to leave it behind for a man.

Eventually, she was transferred to the Odysseus, a strange alien ship found deserted. She believes it was hoped she would figure out the nature of the ship, how it worked, but she never did. She DID, however, grow to love and even understand it as an entity- for it seemed alive- and was exceptionally saddened when it was destroyed. But, her time there was not ill spent. She learned a lot about the technology and wrote a paper on it, which was published in the Starfleet Engineering Journals. Though she did not know all there was to know, she was, without a doubt, the most knowledgeable about it.

Finally, she was transferred to the USS Palatine as the Cheif Engineering Officer. She intends to continue reviewing the data she was able to get from the Odysseus in an effort to improve their own systems.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment

EngineerUSS Impala

Lieutenant Junior Grade
ACEO/Alien Technology ResearchOdysseus