Commander Sophian Kasana


Sophi was born on Earth, seemingly the new home of most El-Aurians these days due to the destruction of their own by the Borg. She has four brothers and two sisters, a few being born in the same little town in Texas. She was brought up the same as all kids were back in the 2360’s.

Her childhood was as normal as can be, with the added confusion as to why she didn’t seem to look as old as the other children. Constantly she would be asked if she was in the right class, or if she was lost, only because she looked so young. Finally, her parents told her of her heritage and she realised why she hadn’t been told at an earlier age, it was a horrific thing. It explained why her parents and older brothers and sisters were all so secretive and slightly closed off to others.

During her high school years, she took a shine to boys a bit more than her studies, spending most of her nights out at boys houses and partying her night away until the wee hours of the morning. This did not please her parents and always ended in her fighting with them, her head full of youthful desire and hunger for excitement. She wasn’t stupid however, and whilst going out and having fun she neglected to tell her parents that she was in fact still studying and getting good grades… she just liked the arguments and fights.

It also seemed to cause a stir when she announced that she was joining Starfleet. Her father believed that Starfleet would bring about the destruction of their world once again, as he believed that they were poking their noses into the Borg’s faces. Sophi disregarded her father’s warning as a futile attempt for him to get her to do what he wanted, become a civil engineer, like him. For this reason, they stopped speaking, him calling her an irrational, stubborn, stupid child… her calling him many things.

During her 3rd year her father died in an accident. This affected her deeply as she had always planned to make up with him after she had graduated. She fell into a depression, drinking, gambling, and general misbehaviour. Sophi was late for classes, bad mouthed professors and on many occasions was found passed out on the lawn of the Academy. Not her finest months for sure.

The Academy Dean at the time understood her situation but still saw that as no reason to behave in such a foul manner. She chose to let Sophi keep her current awards, if she saw a counsellor. Sophi hesitantly agreed.

The counselling sessions helped to a degree, but the damage had been caused. Her father’s death would always haunt her, and for now her wild streak would only show itself every now and again.

At the end of her fourth year of the Academy she managed to graduate. Most her family was present to congratulate her, except her mother who chose not to, out of respect for her father.

Sophi was posted to the constellation class USS Nova Scotia as an Engineering Officer under the watchful eye of Lt. Commander Richards, the CEO at the time. He had apparently heard of her ‘lust’ for fun and planned not to let it affect her work… in any way. Over the years she flirted with him, any time he would shout at her she would get out of it with a bat of her eyes and a flick of her hair. She had already done the job he had asked her, but again liked the private argument within his office.

They were a couple, albeit not a well-known one within the ships gossip pool. He had told her he didn’t want it to be public knowledge or he’d have her cleaning plasma conduits for years to come. He also felt the age gap might make others uncomfortable, him being 34 and her only being 22 at this stage in time.

Sophi remained there for many years, happy with her current assignment under Lt. Commander Richards (no pun intended) until he decided it wasn’t working with them. He was being promoted to the XO spot and would be unable to continue a relationship with her. It broke her heart, but she managed to stay strong through the break up. It came with a promotion in position that she accepted but then transferred onto the USS Victory, this time in the role of Assistant Chief Engineer.

The USS Victory was a galaxy class starship, one of the few in those early years, with a brand spanking new crew and new technology to get her hands on. The Commanding Officer was one Admiral Paxar, strange man, kept to himself unless giving orders. She continued to work away under him for years, fixing problems, delivering reports, coffee etc. During her tenure there were times where battle damage was inflicted on the ship, she lost friends in those battles but still maintained an air of calmness and authority when others didn’t, in public anyway.

As was the want of Starfleet for Commanding Officers not to be wasted playing trivial roles Admiral Paxar was transferred without her knowledge to the USS Botany Bay, she was transferred to Starbase 52 under Commander Edana Acadian. Not that she minded, a promotion was most welcome and the chance to perform on a bigger stage was a job she was dying to perform.

The Starbase was massive in comparison to any other she had seen, but it was brand spanking new, and she was more than happy with her new position.

Commander Acadian was an opinionated woman who made her feelings clear on many things. She disliked Romulans with an absolute passion that would become clear in later years.

During her tenure on the base she managed to follow Cmdr. Acadian in the docked ship, the USS Stellar. It fought in many engagements in the Dominion War, and even took a side trip to battle the Borg when it attacked Earth all those years ago. Still finding its way back to the station they called home.

During what would become Commander Acadian’s last year, she heard rumblings from afar that Romulus had been destroyed and them being the closest refuge capable of handling a large-scale influx of people were chosen to house the many species fleeing the area.

There were many months that Sophi fought with Commander Acadian about being more receptive to the Romulans, a little bit more understanding but it always was ignored. Edana clearly held prejudice against them, which would turn out to be her undoing.

The end of her tenure on Starbase 52 involved placing many key people in quarters, or the Brig. Sadly Sophi was placed in the latter, for refusing to follow an order that would deport an important Romulans family mainly because they hadn’t recorded an item of luggage they had managed to save. Commander Acadian saw this as the last straw of Sophi’s insubordination and threw her in the Brig…

Word got out of this and Commander Acadian had the choice of ‘quietly stepping down’ from her position. She did so and finally the station could breathe.

At this point she chose to leave the station, it left a bad taste in her mouth after recent events. She put in a transfer request to be the Executive Officer on the USS Cavalry, taking a step back from Engineering and onto a bigger stage.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Engineering OfficerUSS Nova Scotia
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief EngineerUSS Victory
Lieutenant Commander
Chief EngineerStarbase 52
Executive Officer (XO)USS Cavalry