Lieutenant Commander Aalux Lakar

Having seen and experienced much in his first century of life, Aalux has lived the chaotic life of a Federation diplomat, joined Starfleet in time to be a soldier in the Dominion War even if that was never his intention, and worked to support Federation colonies damaged by recent conflicts. Finally, he's earned his chance to pursue his lifelong urge to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to hear their stories.


Personal History

Born during the El-Aurian flight from their assimilated homeworld in the Delta Quadrant, Aalux’s early life was spent in the confines of the transport ship. By the age of ten, he was learning mechanics and piloting from the crew, and was forever fascinated by the strange places they visited. After the many years it took to cross the galaxy the El-Aurians nearly ended their journey in disaster during an encounter with the Nexus. Whatever he saw during his exposure to the Nexus is something he has never spoken of.

Growing up on Earth was difficult after these traumas, but eventually, Aalux adapted. Showing an aptitude for debate and language he joined the diplomatic corps after attending school. For decades he worked quietly behind the scenes on numerous treaties, debates, and negotiations with a number of alien races in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The fact that his job took him to many different worlds helped with his wanderlust.

It was only after the first Borg attack on the Federation in the Battle of Wolf 359 when Aalux gave serious thought to taking up a different life and suddenly left the diplomatic service for Starfleet.

Starfleet History

Aalux wanted a fresh start by joining Starfleet, and while he never lost his diplomatic skills, he devoted himself to developing new things. He enrolled in the pilot’s course at the Academy and quickly became an accomplished pilot. Overall Aalux did well at the Academy, though without standing out, and graduated in 2371.

Aalux’s time as one of the helmsman of the Miranda Class USS Nile came to a violent end at the start of the Dominion War when the ship was destroyed by the Jem’Hadar. He made it back to Earth to await reassignment just in time to bear witness to the Battle of Sector 001, though being planet-bound and preparing for invasion rather than fighting in space.

The following years on board the USS Lan Na, an Excelsior Class ship as old as himself, saw him eventually running the flight control department and serving as the second officer. Numerous battles with the Dominion, as well as away missions after the conflict, gave him the practice and training he needed to rise through the ranks and eventually trade the helm for the first officer’s seat.

Aalux was offered the executive officer’s position on board the USS Yucatan, an Ambassador Class vessel on a long-term mission in support of vulnerable colonies of the Federation. Under the tutelage of Captain S’vak he learned a lot more about command and leadership, while occasionally putting his diplomatic and piloting skills to good use. Six years later, in early 2384, Aalux was called in for a surprise promotion and transfer orders. His captain knew that Aalux wasn’t happy, having spent his time in Starfleet without the exploratory missions he had hoped for, and had submitted his first officer’s record to the Vesta Class Project.

Since being appointed as the commanding officer of the USS Palatine, Aalux has spent the last few months at McKinley Station overseeing the finishing touches of this new vessel and putting together a crew as eager to explore as himself.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
DiplomatNumerous postings in and out of the Federation
Cadet Freshman Grade
Flight Control SchoolStarfleet Academy, Earth
Flight Control OfficerUSS Nile
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Flight Control OfficerUSS Lan Na
Chief Flight Control OfficerUSS Lan Na
Chief Flight Control Officer/Second OfficerUSS Lan Na
Lieutenant Commander
Executive OfficerUSS Yucatan
Lieutenant Commander
Commanding OfficerUSS Palatine