Commander Vladimir Demochev

Information Classified by SI Ops Div and Section 31. Code Name: Yuri.



Lieutenant Commander Vladimir Yuri Valentin Demochev was born in Moscow, Russia but at ten years old, his family moved to San Fransisco to get closer to the Starfleet Academy where his family had high hope for him to one day be able to go and to become a high ranked officer. Sadly for them, Vladimir was more interested in the a sector of Starfleet that wasn’t well know and even more, that never made anyone well-know.

When he finally had the age to enter the academy, Vladimir passed the test with normal grade and made his way in the four year following his entry with calm and a bit lonesome history. Unlike his classmate who wanted to party and have fun during break and recess, Vlad wanted to study and learn more about Starfleet. He also loved to collect information about his classmate that he could one day use one way or another. He never though about blackmailing, more about favor he could get in case of need. During the end of his last year, he had been approach by a recruiter of the Intelligence Division of Starfleet to join them after completing the academy, which he accepted immediately as this was a way for him to learn more and gain even more secret from every corner of the universe.

In 2374, he was nothing but a young Ensign of twenty summer when he joined what he though was the real mind behind every operation of Starfleet. What he though would be a easy work ended up being the first three year of his life passing evaluation after evaluation and being stuck behind a desk in a third basement of a SI branch office. During the month of October 2377, his patience ended up showing promise when he was transfer to the SI Operation Division as a Lieutenant JG. Collecting information on the field, far from any danger and analyzing it with a team looking down at him, he ended up doing the same thing he had done during his years at the academy, gathering information on his colleague and studying the plan Starfleet had made in the past concerning Intelligence resources. He wanted to find a way to improve what had been used for two century.

He had to wait two years before getting a piece of information that would change his career. One of his informant had heard about an infiltration operation in the very office he was working by an outside group. the rumor went to say that they wanted to gather information and sell it to enemy government of Starfleet for a big payday. After some months of following everyone in his team, he ended up finding that his own superior, Lt.J.G.Arnold was the mole. The only thing he had to do was to confirm this and gather enough information to get the whole group down. Confirming the identity of the group and contacting the upper echelon of the SI Ops Div ended up giving him a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant and being transfers to Boston where he was to lead his own team.

Spending the next five years training his people to gather information and track group that were planning to move against Starfleet, he was contacted during that time by individual who had information for him concerning a bigger operation inside SI. They simply gave him a name, Sloan. From there, he had to gather his own intelligence about the men and find him. They told him they would have something more for him when and if he ended up collecting the requirement information he needed to understand the puzzle they had given to him. It took him three full years, at the end of 2383 to learn who he was and what it meant.

Section 31. The nonexistent autonomous intelligence and defense organization. The unknown by the people group behind every big intelligence operation. The people who didn’t had to follow the rule that everyone else had to. What would have been in the past secret agent and the glorified double 0 agent from the twenty century movies were in fact either cold blooded killer or black ops agent.

He still didn’t knew what they wanted, as the man they wanted him to find had been dead for nearly eight year and it took him three of those to simply find that. On New Year Eve, he was alone in a pub when a man, dressed in black, simply went to sit at his table and gave him a small white envelop. Containing nothing but a piece of paper with an address on it, the man stared at Vladimir and only smiled, looking at him in a way that was showing neither interest nor indifference in the man, showing that Vladimir was simply a mission that the man had completed and was amused at the question in his eyes.

Leaving the location, Demochev walked around the street with what would look no real interest but he was watching his back. He seems to be looking for a gift in the shop around the block where he was but in fact he was trying to find if he was followed. After making sure that no one was going after him or was tracking his movement in the street, he started to walk randomly toward the address on the piece of paper. Another puzzle from another strange man. Hope that it would lead him to answer this time and not just more question. After hours of randomness in Boston, he finally arrived at the location. Getting inside seems too easy, a small coffee shop. The old kind where they still had the twenty century machine to grind the coffee beam, not the usual one. Its was interesting but still the look it gave… was too easy to pass on which meant something for a man like him. He had to find it whatever might happen.

After an hour of drinking his coffee, he saw what he needed to find. The same man that had given him the first puzzle, the Sloan one, had entered the employee only door of the coffee. He knew what he had to do from there. Moving between customer slowly while making sure no one was taking attention of him, he went under the counter and moved toward his target. When the door opened and let him pass, he knew that he had either passed the puzzle or screw up royaly when a knife moved on his throat, forcing him to move even more inside the room while the door was closed and lock behind him. He was in complete darkness as the light had been closed when the cold metal had meet his skin.

”Sloan. Operative. Section 31. Dead since 2375. that the information you wanted me to find.” he simply said waiting for the weapon to do his work. When the light started to shine again, he saw the man in front of him. The same from the pub, the one who had given him that simply piece of paper.

”Welcome to Classified”

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
MemberStarfleet Intelligence Division
Lieutenant Junior Grade
MemberStarfleet Intelligence Division
MemberStarfleet Intelligence Division
Lieutenant Commander
Member- ClassifiedClassified
TF93 - Providence Fleet YardsDirector of Intelligence