Captain Chuck McFadden

Captain Charles F. McFadden, UFPS is the Commanding Officer of U.S.S. Ark Royal.


From: Bureau of Starfleet Personnel
To: Captain Charles F. McFadden, United Federation of Planets Starfleet
Subject: Change of Duty
1. Dispatch Orders received from Commander, Starfleet Personnel Command, Commander, Sixth Fleet, relieving you of duty as Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Bellerophon (NCC-74705) effective immediately, and directing you to report to U.S.S. Ark Royal for duty as Commanding Officer.
2. When formally detached, you will proceed by the most expedient means available to operating area, U.S.S. Ark Royal, for duty. No delay in reporting authorized.
3. Operational details forthcoming in Priority-2A personnel communicae.


W.H. Allyson

By Direction


Captain Charles F. McFadden, UFPS is the Commanding Officer of the USS Ark Royal.

Born from cryptic astrophysicists on Galor IV 11 April 2335, Captain McFadden spent most of his formative years traveling from star to star. An aptitude for mathematics and the sciences coupled with a propensity for applying unconventional means to practical problems led to his admittance into Starfleet Academy in the Fall of 2352.He graduated second in his class at Starfleet Academy with Bachelors of Science degrees in Anthropology and Political Science through the Intensive Theoretical Research Program in 2357. Following graduation, McFadden completed a five-year tour aboard U.S.S. Valdemar (NCC-26198) along the Cardassian front during the Federation-Cardassian conflict, completing Branch Officer training and earning promotion to full Lieutenant in near record time.

Subsequent assignments include Department Head School on the grounds of Starfleet Academy in 2363, Department Head tour aboard U.S.S. Nebula (NCC-62057) as Chief Science Officer 2363-2369, Command School 2369-2370.

Upon completion of command school, McFadden reported aboard U.S.S. Fredrickson (NCC-42111) as Executive Officer for a three-year tour in the Seventh Fleet Area of Responsibility. He completed his Dual Masters of Sciences Degree in Political Science and Anthropology during this tour. In 2374, he assumed command of USS Zealous (NCC- 74220) , retaining command through the most decisive engagements of the Dominion War.

Captain McFadden’s subsequent billets include the following: Commanding Officer, Starbase 315 (2377-2382) and most recently Commanding Officer, USS Bellerephon (NCC-74705) .