Commodore Neela Izal



Neela Izal was born in 2320 as the third daughter and fourth child of Tiami and Batul Izal. Her father served as a Starfleet Captain and eventually a Federation Ambassador when she was ten years old following his retirement from service. She had an interest in the sciences primarily micro-biology and physiology. And, in 2338 she was able to finally pursue that interest by following the footsteps of her father.

She left for Starfleet Academy in 2338 in order to pursue the field of biology and physiology and graduated with honors in 2342. Neela then pursued her Masters in the field of biology completing that degree in 2344 after two additional years at Starfleet Academy in the graduates program. She also pursued a minor in chemistry and completed that degree within the same amount of time. In 2344 Neela was given her commission at the rank of Ensign.

That same year she met Tyler Roberts and began dating him after her assignment aboard the USS Dallas. The pair hit it off almost immediately, but her nature to put her work before the relationship led to a great deal of strain. Eventually, that relationship fell apart after only a few months and she began a relationship with Tagor a Vulcan. Again her work was placed before the relationship and, while Tagor found that to be a logical course of action eventually their differences led that one to fall apart as well.

Following her relationship with Tagor she had given up on all hopes of pursuing another determined that her career choices and personal relationships simply did not work. In 2348 after making six different discoveries and a great deal of research into new lifeforms she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. She remained aboard the USS Dallas for another two years before transferring to the USS Pantok and filling the role as Assistant Chief Science Officer.

While, on board the Pantok she branched out her scientific knowledge base. Her main focus remained in the fields she had studied in during her time at the Academy, but she wanted to know as much as possible. Neela discovered that she had weaknesses in physics and quantum theory, but that did not deter her instead it made her work that much harder. In 2354 she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

In 2358 Neela was transferred to fill the Chief Science Officer position aboard the Pantok when the former CSO was transferred off the ship. She led several different away missions during two back to back survey missions and discovered more lifeforms in the process. After months of researching the findings she submitted her report to Starfleet Command. In 2362 she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and one year later was made the Executive Officer aboard the Pantok.

After only eight years she was promoted to the rank of Commander in 2370. In 2373 she was transerred to the Intrepid-class starship USS Benefactor as the ship’s Executive Officer. Throughout the Dominion War the vessel utilized her long range sensors to patrol the Dominion border. The vessel was attacked in 2374 and heavily damaged. The ship’s Captain was badly wounded and she was forced to take command of the vessel.

Before the Benefactor could get to Starfleet Headquarters the ship’s Captain died and she was given a battlefield commission to Captain and made the Commanding Officer. Command decided to leave her in command of the vessel and spent months repairing it before sending it back out onto the front lines. In 2375 following the conclusion of the war the Benefactor was one of the vessels assigned with the reconstruction work in Cardassian space.

They spent five years working with the Cardassian Union before returning to Federation space in 2380. Her work led to her being promoted to the rank of Commodore and she was transferred to fill the role as the Chief of Starfleet Science. In 2388 after the people in the Delta Quadrant were lost she began working on the team that was assigned to try and locate them. Later that year when contact was finally established she was assigned with the task of coming up with a plan.

In 2389 she officially took command of the USS Paladin and assembled a crew in order to take personnel and supplies into the Delta Quadrant. And, be the first Federation vessel to go through the Gateway following the contact.