First Lieutenant Dekan “Dek” Kairox

A Special Forces Marine with a special psionic gift for detecting living things, he also sports Vulcan heritage giving him a strong body to match his sharp mind. Qualified through officer training school, after basic, he went on to special forces to complete pararescue trainning (special forces combat rescue medic). He now leads the Devonshire's MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command) team, a part of the ships larger Marine contingent.


Born on Betazed in 2356, his birth was as miraculous as it was troubled. With a Betazoid father and Vulcan mother, chances of conception were very low to begin with but it happened all the same, to the surprise of them both. Due to genetic complications, a little medical intervention was required but all was well in the end. When Dekan was born, it was standard practice on Betazed to screen newborns for signs of their telepathic index. Dekan responded *very* strongly to cursive probes, so much so that his details were passed to a specialist. An index this high, in the past, was almost always associated with over sensitivity problems and in only a few short years, Dek proved to be no exception.

Dek’s empathic sensitivity was *extreme* which would have been more than enough of a problem within himself but his Vulcan heritage further complicated matters. The Vulcan emotional range is both deep and wide, Vulcans struggling to control them so much that they typically suppress them altogether. Learning emotional control as a Vulcan child is difficult in of itself, but combining this emotional instability with a constant never-ending flow of external feelings turned his emotional chasm into a maelstrom.

He was trained by Betazoid specialists to control his gift but it only worked so much. He underwent Vulcan training to suppress emotion, but trying to control his twice hot heart with his half Vulcan mind was like trying to scoop up the sea with a bucket. Heavy conditioning training; a combination of both schools of techniques, seclusion, psychic “surgery” from strong telepaths and even medication. It took years of therapy but it ultimately paid off.

Managing to find his own balance between two worlds, Dekan learn to wrap it all up by playing it against itself. Today, his external emotional detection is all but non-existent as his conditioning has essentially purged his empathy and inverted it into a sort of internalized psychic emotional controller to contain his emotions within a more human range. The last remaining vestige of his gift is his potent ability to read autonomic portions of nervous systems; the firmware activity of brain stems and nerve bundles that regulate biological functions. This allows him to read heart rates, breathing, physical statuses like illness or pregnancy and even the physiological components of physical and mental stress states. Most useful to his future career, his gift allows to very precisely locate and track the living thing he is reading, a kind of psychic radar if you will.

With his troubled childhood, he had gained a sort of self discipline uncommon for those in their teen years. His treatment also meant he was not afforded the intense schooling of the Vulcan school system (which his parents would have put him in) and so he was not as academically gifted as his pure Vulcan cousins. Furthermore, being hospitalized for much of his youth, he spent a lot of time reading books, the kind that boys do, about adventure and knights slaying dragons. In his later teens, this evolved into detective stories, military dramas and then both military subject and history books. Finishing standard Betazoid school very comfortably at the top of his class, he relocated to Earth to accept a place studying Military History at the prestigious Oxford University in England.

In college, he discovered his adolescent payoffs a little late and threw himself into all the physical clubs he could find, reveling in what his young health half-Vulcan body could do. He really excelled in martial arts as his combination of physicality and ability to read his opponent, his success attracting the attention of the Junior Cadet force. He pursued time as a Cadet Scout and enjoyed it immensely as a culmination of physical ability and mental discipline. Upon graduating, he found work at the Starfleet Military History Museum whilst he advanced to leadership roles in the cadets. Over some time, he learned that he ended up enjoying his cadet time more than his actual work and so, in a desire to put his skills to use helping more people, he enrolled with the Starfleet Marine Corps.

He tore through officers school and basic training, his test scores and recommendations making him a shoe in for special forces training, something he eagerly accepted. Presented with the many options he qualified to enter, Dek felt the Pararescue program called to him the most. The combination of high end combat skill with medical and rescue training meant that he could be the closest thing practically possible to the brave Knights he used to read about as a child; slaying the dragons *while* saving the princess.

His career went well and continues too so far. At first, deployed as part of an emergency response unit (typically for crisis relief) but being swept into MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command) once he had proven himself in the field. Rapidly climbing to the team leader spot, his service on the USS Damocles earned his stripes in the eyes of the brass. Most recently being transferred to the USS Devonshire to lead its MARSOC team, he is one of many young marines selected to round out the ranks to form the stout bulwark of the ships tactical forces.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Second Lieutenant
Emergency Response Unit MemberStarbase 162
First Lieutenant
MARSOC Squad LeaderUSS Damocles
2388First LieutenantMARSOC Squad LeaderUSS Devonsire