Lieutenant Commander Xuan Chihyon

Xuan "Swan" Chihyon is the Chief Engineer of the USS Scorpio.


Fresh out of the enlisted training camp, Crewman Zhen Chihyon found herself, like most new recruits, posted in areas of the galaxy most in need of help. In her case, Zhen was assigned to New Sydney at the Federation Embassy. It was a dangerous assignment, but Zhen fell in love with the local culture. She even fell in love with a simple Orion merchant named Tesril. Zhen knew full well the dangers that the planet bore, but chose to allow Tesril to pursue her, even to the point of conceiving a child.

Two months before Xuan was to be born, Tesril found himself in conflict with an Orion cartel who sought Tesril’s business location to use as their own. Tesril did not survive. To protect her unborn daughter, whom she feared would earn the same fate as her lover, Zhen sought a transfer off New Sydney, managing to find one aboard the USS Shanghai, an Ambassador Class ship in need of replacements. There, Xuan was born.

Zhen continued to serve Starfleet, and raised Xuan alone. Xuan quickly became a Starlet brat, moving with her mother from vessel to vessel. She was accepted by most aboard starships and starbases, and didn’t notice the absence of a father figure. Class, however, was not enough to occupy her. But the age of nine, she became fascinated by machines, going so far to dismantle the replicator in her quarters and reassembling it.

When she was eleven, Zhen was transferred to a Saber-class ship with a small engineering contingent, Xuan discovered that she was only one of four kids aboard the vessel, and consequently, the oldest. School to her became boring, and she found more to tinker with in the classroom. Eventually, her zeal to learn took her out of the classroom and into the corridor. Instead of keeping her holed up in a room, the ship’s Chief Engineer took an interest in her, and started to train Xuan with the non-critical systems. By the time she was a teenager, and being transferred with her mother to two more vessels, Xuan was allowed to continue to train with a ship’s engineering compliment on more and more shipboard systems that were outside of hazardous areas.

At the age of eighteen, when it was time to follow her own path, the Captain of the USS Shenzhou, a Norway class vessel, presented Xuan with a unique birthday present, sponsorship to Starfleet Academy. Though Xuan could easily continue down the path she was currently following, her aptitude and hunger for more was not something that an enlisted career would satisfy. Zhen immediately gave Xuan her blessing, and after successfully passing the entrance exams, Xuan was admitted to the Academy.

Under the protection of the Academy, Xuan soaked in everything she could from astrophysics to warp theory to subspace mechanics and beyond. She graduated at the top of her class, and just like her mother, she didn’t get to choose her first assignment. Rather than continue a journey among the stars, Xuan was assigned to the aging Starbase 11 as a Systems Engineer. Without complaint, she served aboard the orbital base for two years, learning what she could from senior officers, and working to improve the base. Xuan was eventually promoted and reassigned as a systems engineer aboard the USS Insignia, serving along the Gavarian Corridor. That stint was short lived as she was handpicked to serve as the Chief Engineer for the Galaxy-class Poseidon as its Assistant Chief Engineer.

During the tour aboard the Poseidon, not only was her technological prowess challenged to each and every degree, she began to look forward to the chance to lead her own team, to set a ship’s goals and procedures. Opportunity for advancement aboard the Poseidon was denied, thanks to a Chief Engineer that was determined to serve there until retirement, and he was only a Lieutenant Commander. In late 2388, Xuan began to quietly seek reassignment, finally requesting a transfer to the Ascension class USS Scorpio, the class nicknamed a mobile starbase. She hoped her variety of service, including time aboard both a starbase and a large vessel would prove appealing to her prospective Commanding Officer. Just a few days after submitting her interest in the position, Xuan was pleased to learn that she’d been accepted. Never before had she been so happy for a transfer. A mobile starbase and exploring the Gamma Quadrant? It was a dream come true.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Senior Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
EngineerStarbase Bravo
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Systems EngineerUSS Insignia
Assistant Chief EngineerUSS Poseidon
Lieutenant Commander
Chief EngineerUSS Scorpio