Lieutenant Commander Diane Shelby

Born in 2352, Diane grew up on the populated West Coast of North America. When her parents were home she would help them around the house and spend time with her extended family, and when on assignment she could be found in the nearest observatory studying the stars her parents worked to explore. It was of course natural for her to choose to attend Starfleet Academy, completing her training in the top ten percent of her class. Now, she faces the toughest test of her Starfleet career, taking command of her very own ship.


Born in March of 2352 to Marie and Dean, Diane Marie Shelby would come to find the western coasts of North America her home. In her hometown of Winchester Bay, Oregon she could be found playing with her childhood friends Mark, Caroline and Terry; all of whom she would later bump into during her Starfleet career. Excelling in Elementary and High School, Diane made the choice in January 2370 to attend Starfleet Academy; her dream to explore the galaxy beginning to come to fruition. She would graduate from the Academy in 2374 with a Masters in Astrophysics, placing in the top ten percent of her class.

The beginning of 2375 placed Diane as an Ensign aboard the USS Frederickson, an aging Excelsior class ship which brought Shelby face to face with the threat of the Dominion. There, she served as a Science Officer and occasionally as a strategist. Diane had a knack for seeing irregularities in scientific theories and experiments which allowed her to see a discernible pattern to the Dominion’s attacks. She would be cited later that year and presented with the Preantares Ribbon of Commendation, the only Ensign in Starfleet history to ever be given the award. Following the end of the Dominion War, Ensign Shelby was shown to excel within the Science Department and when the incumbent Assistant Chief was transferred to the USS Sovereign in 2377, she was offered the position along with a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade; she accepted both without hesitation. The Frederickson would be retired from service just two years later, placing the experienced Lieutenant aboard the USS Nova; the lead vessel of the Nova class of science ships. It was here that Diane’s command abilities would start to flourish. During the Shinzon incident, Diane spent her time aboard the Nova studying the Bassen Rift; working on methods to communicate with the USS Enterprise through the rift. Unfortunately for her, the Scimitar was destroyed and the Enterprise made its escape before she reached a workable solution, but her efforts had not gone unnoticed by both the command staff and the Starfleet Sciences Division. Working closely with the Chief Science Officer, she was regularly placed in charge of away missions and planetary studies; assignments that kept her focused and challenged her mind, so much so that three years had passed almost as quickly as three days.

Time had done favours for Diane, 2382 bringing her another promotion and position change, now a full Lieutenant and Chief Science Officer aboard the Nova. She was sure to voice her opinions on ship matters and missions at briefings and was often asked for advice by both the CO and XO. Shortly after being appointed CSO, she was given the secondary position of Second Officer, slating her career path towards the hallowed centre chair. The secondary posting made her in charge of the Gamma shift aboard the ship, which unsettled her for quite some time; Diane was one for a good nights sleep, and the change to working the night shift on the Bridge meant a big change in her day to day routine which had gone relatively unchanged for the better part of twelve years, since she started at the Academy. She would go on to serve in both positions for four relatively uneventful years before a freak accident in 2386 placed her in new and uncharted territory.

The USS Nova encounted a rare phenomenon, a Subspace Comet, which brushed the hull during warp. Destabilising the warp field and causing considerable damage, it wasn’t until a headcount of the crew was conducted that it dawned on her. The XO, Lieutenant Commander Julia Michaels, was missing along with twenty seven other crew members. The comet, which had appeared out of subspace a mere kilometre from the ship, impacted with the primary hull and tore away the outer hull layer, exposing the twenty eight innocent officers and crewmen to the vacuum of space. Before the emergency force-fields could self-activate, they were gone. Diane led the funerals for the victims aboard the Nova while it was repaired at a nearby starbase, and was asked by the CO to take the first officers position. This assignment, to this day, is one that Diane wishes she never accepted, but would turn out to be the one which took her to the centre of a Bridge. With Lieutenant Commander pips freshly fastened, Diane would stand by with her CO as they continued on their journeys across the galaxy. She would later be recorded as being the deciding factor in two successful first contact missions, assist in the discovery of five new star systems and, most importantly, the saviour of the CO after he was abducted by Klingons during a routine survey of the Poloi system; all in a period of just two years.

In 2388, Diane would be approached by an unknown Admiral by the name of Jake Banning with the offer of a lifetime; command of her very own starship. Somewhat nervously, she agreed to travel with the Admiral aboard his ship, the USS Korolev, to be united with her first command.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Science OfficerUSS Frederickson
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Science OfficerUSS Frederickson
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Science OfficerUSS Nova
Chief Science Officer/Second OfficerUSS Nova
Lieutenant Commander
Executive OfficerUSS Nova
Commanding OfficerUSS Sentinel