Ensign Shadi Zatra

Shadi is very strong and imposing, though she strives to be as personable and friendly as possible. She is calm, cool, and collected at all times except for in the performance of her duties. Her impatience lends her a short temper and impatient approach to solving problems, which as often as not leads to damaged tools and instrumentation. Her balance between intensity and serenity is inimitable, as her enthusiasm and sincerity compels her to build and maintain friendship with everyone she meets. Shadi's temper can get the better of her when confronted with a difficult or complex problem. She is far from stupid, but her knowledge is born through experience rather than education. Instincts over protocols is her motto. She is also known for her food-related euphemisms.


Shadi descends from an ancient clan of honored warriors, known on Sauria as the Ragolar brood. When the Saurians ghosted their fleet after joining the Federation, Shadi’s ancestors found themselves limited to the radically reduced police frigates who patrol their generally safe sector of space. Those who could not make the cut for police work often continued the family warrior tradition as thespians and entertainers.

Rather than become a stage actor or marry into a wealthy brewery to produce Saurian Brandy, Shadi joined Starfleet. After two failed entrance exams into the officer track at the Academy, Shadi pressed onward toward her goal and eventually entered the Starfleet Corps of Engineers as an enlisted engineer.

Due to her natural resistance to workplace hazards, Shadi was assigned to the tasks that would be strenuous or hazardous for her crewmates. Her expertise in maintenance work, along with her natural love of sorting puzzles, revealed her calling in the Operations division.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Petty Officer 3rd Class
Maintenance OfficerDS9
Petty Officer 2nd Class
Maintenance OfficerDS9
Petty Officer 1st Class
Maintenance LeadDS9
Chief Petty Officer
Docking Ring Maintenance ChiefDS9
Staff Warrant Officer
Hull Repair SpecialistUSS Huche
Master Warrant Officer
Structural/Environmental SpecialistUSS Ingram
Assistant Operations OfficerUSS Ingram
Chief Operations OfficerUSS Traveller